View Poll Results: Why do you play MapleStory?

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  • I play to keep in touch with my friends

    57 52.78%
  • I play to achieve the highest damage / level I can

    28 25.93%
  • I play because I love buying new NX equips

    6 5.56%
  • I play because I think Level 200 is a true accomplishment

    11 10.19%
  • I play because other MMORPGs are too serious

    12 11.11%
  • I play because I have nothing better to do in my free time

    62 57.41%
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  1. xDae

    Default Why do you play Maple?

    Honestly, why do you play Maple Story? I think we are all mature enough to admit that it is indeed a waste of time. We grind so we can grind all over again on new monsters...

    So I decided to make a poll, with some of the common reasons people continue to play MS

  2. Default

    If it were'nt for my friends, I would never even start playing this game.

  3. Default

    I play because of my friends, and I really don't have anything better to do in my spare time.

  4. Default

    I play because of my friends. If my friends were to suddenly quit or something, then it would make MS very unplayable...

  5. Default

    What does one really consider a waste of time? If you break it down, everything that we do is a "waste of time". What are we doing here? We're posting on a forum so that the little number beside posts goes up, so that we can discuss a topic that is a waste of time. Cant that be considered a waste of time as well?

    I digress. For many people, MS is a place where they can escape reality, where they can just get away from the problems of life and just forget about it, even for just the moment. And really, I see no problems in that. We all have problems in life and there are always times that one can just go to himself "I just want to leave it all and be worry free and not have to deal with it for now". For many people, that's what maple is for them.

    As for myself, why I play is because I see that there are people out there like that. People that need others to care for them and help them carry those burdens. People who need friends to help them with their troubles in life and whatnot. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I make videos: To show people and send the message that there is hope in life, that there are people out there that are with them every step of the way, that there is purpose in life and that there's no need to run from the troubles (I know its not very clear but that's the message behind it... If you notice, there's always a little quote at the end of my videos). This all leads me to this:

    Where's the "other (please specify)" option? D:

  6. xDae


    Friends and same as Loose. Gotta get more mezzars for my Infighter

  7. Default

    Good question. If I can turn back the time I wouldn't even want to start with this pathetic game.
    It is diffficult to stop now because you have friends who drag you back in the game, and sometimes you miss the characters you have been raising like a maple tamagotchi <__<;;; and you secretly harbour certain ambition in a pixel world.... conquering the maple globe?
    Overall I am glad that I pretty much stop grinding by the time. I just have to get over buddies who overlvl me and brag to me about it >.<

  8. Default

    People play maplestory because they perceive it as being fun.

    What you're really trying to ask is "why do people perceive this game as being fun?"

    There is no one answer to this question, and it often involves a combination of more than one variable, such as friends & community, game mechanics, character customization, and that ability to play for free for example.

    I play mostly because I get to talk to people, but in a setting that differs from something as basic as a chat room. There's other factors to it, but that's what makes it fun to me.

  9. Default

    Nobody knows who you are EG0WJOB.

  10. Default

    I started playing and continue to play because i'm a (mostly) stay at home mom. For those who don't know, if you're not into dora the explorer, or anything on noggin, it's really really boring.

  11. Default

    I play maplestory for friend, leveling and to get strong. Besides I have nothing better to do in my spare time :p

  12. Masoukishin of Wind
    IGN: Xieryn, Cerilryn
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 50, 1
    Job: Hunter, Infighter to be
    Guild: SkyPirates


    Because I can and its free? *shot*

    I don't know really. I play because I have spare time, and because of friends that I've met on there. I pay .for NX because I want to make better equps to do more damage to kill things easier to level faster to get new skills so I can show off and have fun

  13. Default

    I play for a combination of two things.

    1. For friends.
    2. So I don't get sucked into WoW.


  14. Default

    currently im playing just because i think shadowers sex

  15. Default

    None of the poll options state my opinions.

    I play because it's fun, and because the other MMORPGs I've tried sucked.

  16. Default

    I play because
    #1) I'm bored.
    #2) My finance plays with me
    #3) Old memories
    #4) It's fun, regardless of the drama.



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