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Thread: [Yellonde] Very Pro Hermit

  1. xDae

    Default Very Pro Hermit


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    z0mg 2 priest leech lol

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    if u wanna stop him just atk the bigfoot, it'll break the web.

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    Why would he want to though? He's partied with the dude. Its obvious he's leeching from him.

    That being said, I really dont get the point of this thread, especially with how contraversial that method of leveling is. We all know how it works already, we all know its being done, so what's the point of posting it?

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    i dunno, i took the thread in a sarcastic tone saying "omg that hermit so pro he can glitch/hack" but if the guys partied its like he supports it.

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    Isn't Jaces Sora on this forums?

    People are leeching off of Bigfoot now? Ah...the Yellonde ranks are really messed up now.

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    They should be strategic about it! In the next week or so, they can leech up some bowmasters, bishops, night lords and be ready for horntail before the 2x exp in Yellonde is over or something! Looks like Yellonde might finish Horntail before Kradia after all, lololo

    On another note: Lol @ F/P Bandwagon



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