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  1. Default [1.2.303] New jobs confirmed

    While looking in the quest data for this patch, there were new required job IDs added for some quests. The exciting part was that there wasn't just one new job added, there were three! I found this in the quest data:

    3121.0.job.44 3211
    3121.0.job.45 3212
    3121.0.job.46 3311
    3121.0.job.47 3312
    3121.0.job.48 3511
    3121.0.job.49 3512
    There have never been new jobs added above 3000 before, so I can only guess that these are the Black Magician jobs that they've been referring to.

    200 = Magician
    300 = Archer
    500 = Pirate

    And those must be the third and fourth job.

    For the quest it was added to, I believe it was in regards to Shammos.

    불길한 징조
    Reward Summary: 경험치 44,000 '봉인의 확인' 퀘스트로 진행 가능
    NOT STARTED: #b● 분류 : 호브제왕 렉스의 부활 - 호위, 파티 퀘스트#k\r● 종류 : 사전 필수 퀘스트\r\n● 내용 : 기억의 일부를 찾은 이후로 샤모스의 망상이 점점 더 심해지는 것 같다.
    STARTED: 샤모스를 한번 찾아가 보자.
    COMPLETED: 마법사 전직관인 #b로베이라#k에게 봉인이 되어 있는 장소를 물어보고 확인을 해봐 달라고 하는데...

  2. Default

    so there will never be an endgame boss..
    unless,its like boss for each race lol!

    cygnus knight's boss is cygnus
    adventurer's boss is the goddess of time in time temple..
    aran's boss is rien
    evan's boss is onyx dragon..
    etc etc and black magician is the boss?
    all races vs black wings race... uh i see

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    HHHHMMMMMM.... So a Black wings pirate, Archer, and Mage huh? Thank god there are no theifs!

  4. Default

    I'm so over new classes I'd actually prefer another butchered, horribly remade area like Neo City instead..

    On the plus side at least the new classes free up my training maps and lets me boss in relative peace and quiet for a few weeks.

  5. Default

    In order for their to be an end-game boss there would have to be an end to the game.
    Online games are not supposed to have ends - they're an unlimited supply of possibility for the publisher to milk money out of people by perpetually releasing content.

  6. Default

    Hmm If they launch 5 new jobs for the "evil" side I will be pissed off.
    Just combine all them into one or something

  7. Default

    Hmm, so we get another mage? COOL :D

    Im more itnerested in the backstory of these jobs

  8. Default

    Wonder if it will be just classes for the bad guys or actually some other game changes. Can't imagine a Black Magician's worker to happily PQ together with one of the Heroes. o.O

  9. Default

    I wonder what they're thinking. Well whatever, if the classes have their own balanced yet meaningful roles, it's always nice to have more options of characters. I wonder if these will be capped at 120 too.

  10. Default

    I guess we're never gonna see the Dark Magician version of Warriors and Thiefs now, and neither the Legends for the Archer, Thief or Pirate.
    On the other side, these three are my favourite classes, it's something to look forward to for me.

  11. Default

    Perhaps the pirate, archer, and theif legends are part of the black wings?

    knowing KMS, it'll be something like- start off evil, then see the error of their ways and turn good again.


    stuck in Ice, forgetted everything, recruited by Evil people, learn evil ways, see error of their ways, turn good by 3rd/4th job.

  12. Default

    I'm wondering how long before they start releasing classes with more than 200 levels in an attempt to obsolete Adventurers and make everyone feel the need to scramble to catch up to the newer bigger thing.

    You know they won't up the cap on the adventurers themselves, but making new ones that can go above and beyond - Total Nexon.

  13. Default

    Would this make you play a new character?

  14. Default

    Not in this lifetime.

  15. Default

    But they couldn't really do that without increasing the variables that store experience because of their current limitations. I don't think they'd mess with things like that, would they? Besides who would even want to train past 200, seriously. I think they'd be better served by having a job that reaches level 200 getting 6-7ap per point instead, and maybe halv exp gain?

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    It takes less effort to do this than it did to add Vicious' Hammer.
    They have to compensate for scope creep by creating something bigger than the current world can take on, and then they either have rebalance everyone to make it work or make new classes that can.
    Constant advancement is their only option for sustainability and classes that exceed level 200 are both doable, and the most obvious way of introducing a completely new paradigm that obsoletes everyone without actually taking away the accomplishments of the other classes or forcing them to suddenly be 1/2 way to max level instead of already there.

  17. Default


    Definately adds a new aspect to the game, and possible future PVP? Lol Henesys, the Iraq of the maple world.

  18. Default

    Great just what we need more ksers more little brats in GMS screaming I WANT THIS NOW NOW NOW NOW, I KILL YOU ALL IF I DON'T GET IT NOW!. On the brighter note it gives my guide on basil something new to write about.



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