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  1. Default RSS Feeds are enabled

    You can subscribe to an RSS feed using the following link:[TYPE]&count=[COUNT]&forumids=[LIST_OF_FORUMS]

    Type = This can be XML or RSS2.
    Count = The number of items you want to be listed in the feed. This must be a number between 1 and 15.
    Forumids = The ids of each forum that you want to be in the feed. Each forumid should be separated by a comma. For example "8,18" signifies "Maplestory Discussion" and "Extractions".

    Here are a few RSS feeds set up for you:

    Extractions and Maplestory Discussion,18

    Extractions, Maplestory Discussion, and Training Center,9,18

    The RSS feed always assumes it's a guest to whatever forum it's visiting. This means that you cannot use an RSS feed on forums that are members only (social section).

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    Cool. Thanks.

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    Here's the feed I intend to use and recommend for anyone just looking for NEWS

    Maplestory Announcements and Extractions,18

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    Double post for an explanation

    Anyone looking for a good RSS feed on Firefox, use this:

    After installing and refreshing come back here, and create or add a "live bookmark" of the feed you'd like by following Fiel's instructions. If you just want News like I do, click on my link and hit "subscribe now!" button near the top. At the bottom of your browser, you'll notice a half dozen topics floating by. If you've read them all already, right click and mark all as read. From that point forward, whenever a new thread is posted in those forums, a new link notifying you will pop up in your ticker.
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    Cool... I've never used an RSS feed but I'll try this out.

    (Aww... guests can't view the Infractions/Reports so I can't set up a feed for it. And yes, I do realize that allowing anyone to subscribe to those would create a huge security hole; I'm just bawwing for the sake of it.)

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    Anyone got a good way to do this on Opera? I Googled, and I got confused. I bet there is something already installed though, just watch me look like an idiot.

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    just googled "RSS checker" that was the first link

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    I like using Snackr as an RSS reader. It can be a major distraction though, and RSS feeds tend to majorly contribute to my procrastination. (I'm not using Southperry feeds, when i just click on "New Posts" anyway; and how I can't use this for the Speakeasy/Funhouse.)
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