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  1. Default Correcting an important misprint in the 0.59 extraction

    Thought I'd post this here.

    The Balanced Fury throwing stars have a level requirement of 70. The level requirement is not 10 like many have assumed.

    The GMS Extraction topic has been updated to reflect this.

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    So we won't be having any dexless noobs walking around saying "l0l ai thow3 b413nc3d fUr3."


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    Well, if no one can find any of those "Tao" things we won't have to worry about anyone walking around saying "l0l ai thow3 b413nc3d fUr3."

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    Ya, even if they were level 10, doubt we'd have to worry about that for a while at this rate.

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    Hm, I'm guessing though that by the time most sins get to lvl70, they'll still be quite comfortable with their current stars (e.g. tobis/steelies/ilbies), and may just want to upgrade to a higher star, not necessarily straight to Furys. So I'm guessing we'll get sins walking around with them around levels 80+, since @ level 70 most are concentrating on 3rd job and getting used to new skills. Plus, many Hermits don't make it past lvl 80/90, so there we go.



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