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    If you're heterosexual: How did you come to learn that there are homosexuals?
    If you're homosexual: How did you come to learn that there are heterosexuals?

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    If you're heterosexual: How did you come to learn that there are homosexuals?

    Uh... I've had gay guys hit on me ever since I was a child (gay guys my own age, of course). I guess I'm the kind of guy that only attracts gay people and fat chicks. :(

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    After I told a boy around my age he was pretty, and then he told his mom, and then she told my mom, and then my mom told me that was a sin and not to ever do it again.
    I asked why and she said don't ask, it just is.

    I don't know if that actually answers the question.

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    I just kinda knew that if guy x girl was possible (not in terms of reproduction) so was guy x guy/girl x girl.

    I was 8 when i made this discovery.

    Have you come out to your parents yet?

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    I honestly don't think I know, I just knew that there were heterosexuals in the world, and that I was 'wrong' in their eyes.

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    I don't think I get half of this question. It seems simple but... everyone knows there are heterosexuals. It's pushed so heavily in the world that you'd literally have to have had no contact with the world not to know about them. Even if people are born gay, they're still going to be overwhelmed by heterosexuality.

    As for homosexuality, which is probably more vocal now than heterosexuality so a lot of people would be subjected to it... I learned about it on my bus in like the third grade on my bus, probably. The older kids didn't really care about what the kids heard so they would say the most graphic things and we would all hear them. Some kids kept calling his boy "papayagot" (he wasn't, obviously) and my seat-buddy/best friend asked what it meant and... that was a long bus ride for a third grader.

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    I agree with Sarah. The homosexual half of the question is, no offense Paul, self-explanatory and thus doesn't need to be asked. Everyone is born through a heterosexual process, and even if you argue the transgender pregnant men they were still women at one point, and thus the notion that everyone has heterosexual biological birth parents holds water. In this sense, like Sarah said, you'd have to have been raised by wolves or something since birth to not know of the existence of heterosexual humans.

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    When I was six or seven I went to my aunts house, who is a lesbian. She had posters of nude lesbians on the wall, but I didn't really understand. Then her girlfreind came home and they kissed. So I assumed from there not all girls liked men and vice versa.

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    I learned about homosexuals from quite simply put,

    The Internet.

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    I found out about homosexuality from my older siblings. They'd call someone "gay" and I asked what it meant.

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    Something along the lines of my parents disagreeing on whether or not somebody on the tv was a homosexual so I decided to get out a dictionary later to see what it meant :P

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    I guess, they know but they don't acknoweldge it.

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    School. Upperclassmen are vulgar as hell. 3rd grade is where everyone learned to swear and call each other papayagots.
    The Internet.

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    My parents told me about homosexuals when I was like 10.

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    At some point I heard people saying "gay" and at some later point deduced what it meant by context.

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    I just sorta picked it up somewhere along the way growing up, I don't remember being taught about it . . I just knew about it.

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    I can't remember where I found out about it, but most of my first Maple guild was gay. They didn't tell me until I had been in there for a few months. It was shocking at first, but after thinking about it, I didn't mind at all.

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    i just knew about gays just like that. not that i can remember who taught me, but meh.
    im bi so i dont care. and talk about coming out, why dont heteros have to come out ?



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