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  1. Harrisonized

    Default How do you get up there?

    It took me forever to climb to that height.
    Apparently, you have to hold left and press jump.
    After jumping three times, you have to quickly tap the right button, then the left to continue jumping. It's ridiculously difficult to time. >.>

    I have to go very soon, so I don't have time to explore further, but has anyone ever reached the top? If so, whats up there?

  2. Default

    I got to the top a few times by FJing into the rope and just holding jump and FJ. The top isn't even a platform, so it's just for fun I guess.

  3. Default


    Well I've jumped to the top before, but I couldn't SS at the right timing. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone knew how to use the items shown in the other 2 images?

    edit: ok I've figured out how to use the marker of heroism now, so I can indeed skip the jump quest part of the mountain now heh, and i also have the special item to skip the forest maze. I'm still puzzled at how to use the keystone though. I almost got the feeling that no maps were implemented to go past this yet...
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  4. Harrisonized


    That keystone looks a lot like the lion shield above you. Try pressing up there.
    Otherwise, try pressing up at the door. 0.o

  5. Water

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    The trick is to jump, tap left, jump, tap left, etc.



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