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    Can someone sticky this? It's a lot more helpful than the "Path to CwK JQ" topic, and it's a pain to dig through pages to find this.

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    I agree, topic swap.
    Though, eventually, these more useful Crimsonwood threads will get moved to the training center.

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    Indeed, but for the time being this is very helpful in getting to the maps I don't know so well for quests lol.

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    Good job on the maze decoder!

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I have a correction. You have a path marked as one way, but it actually goes two ways. Portal E on Twisted Paths 4, goes to portal D on Twisted Paths 5, and vice versa.

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    Very nice topic. I especially like the given routes at the bottom of the first post. I would like to add one for Haunted House to Phantom Road, which is where the NPC Lukan is. Lukan has a couple of quests, including part of the chain of quests to get the Marker of Heroism (lets you bypass the CWK JQ).

    Haunted House to Phantom Road (Lukan)

    I think I have formatted it correctly.

    I believe this route uses the least number of portals; however, I'm not sure if it is the fastest route, seeing that you have to traverse the entirety of Twisted Path 3, which also may or may not increase the possibility of a Bigfoot encounter.

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    Thread's relevant again, so I'm resticking it.

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    The problem is that the maps have changed.

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    Yeah, a lot of the maps link to the same maps, but a handful changed.

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    not sure if this has been explained or not but this should help with getting around

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    Also, with a flying mount, or just being one of the newer classes such as Xenon who has great mobility, you can skip the half part of that and just fly to the top of the map before the JQ. :B I do that on my Xenon.

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    Wow... a 6 year bump.

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    It's late, so I didn't double check every portal. Portals are listed from left to right, top to bottom (though, as far as I remember, there's no portals directly on top of one another, so that shouldn't be an issue, crossroads portals are separated into top and bottom). Path at the bottom possibly isn't the most optimal, but whatever.

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    will someone make a fully correct/updated version of revamped maze?
    if not i can try to make one. ( it can take a day but im pretty bored anyway)

    also why did nexon used the old map of Crimson Guardians full of holes to fall down, while they have one exact the same but winouth the incomplete/buggy platforming =/

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    I am old



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