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    Level 36 and rank 11.

    fun fun fun
    Last edited by Christian; 2008-08-15 at 08:29 AM.

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    reach lvl 16 and found this

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    lvl 18 phew

    btw its elemental wand 5 :X

  4. ☆ ♥ ツ Straight Female
    IGN: QuIt!!!
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 184
    Job: ♥Bishop
    Guild: QUIT!
    Alliance: quit quit QUIT


    Jesus... After 2 hours of only getting 2 screws/boards I said F-it and went to Lith. I just bought a freaking blue chair

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    I go to this map, and when you CC, you're standing next to a box.

    They removed them from the house, where I used to get 2 per channel.

    Edit: My recent accomplishment is getting to level 19.


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    level 26 :]
    rank 299, haha.
    but pre-patcher messed me up terribly, so now i'm re-installing MS :[ ugh.

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    Level 18. I've done every quest and have around 15k in mesos :)

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    Hit 19, Sam IGN please, I need buddies :(. Bishop to be :D

    IGN : CrystaIArms

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    Accomplishments today: Finding an 11 atk garnier (seriously in the past 3 years all I've found were 9s/10s u.u) & an average adamantium igor.. both of which are for sale. x] Getting into Yello's first GM event & beating Ola Ola with Bori & Lana; also going up in the world ranks by over 1k lol.

    Woo 3x tonight~

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    made lvl 30 hit clerichood.
    Then went for supper and went to my aunts.
    Watching"21" now
    then i got ppl2pass

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    Level 28 dexless sin... Hoping for 30. Rank 421, up 1259 ranks.

  12. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Szook / ZookPriest
    Server: Scania
    Level: 14x / 5x
    Job: NL / Bishop
    Guild: Lunar


    ign is zooknL

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    Lvl 19
    Top 3000 >_>

    Top 100 Archers though (Nobody likes archers >_>)

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    lvl 21 lol ^ dW i like archers lol

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    ^ Wow. I thought that the highest would be 12/5 because it was nearly impossible to get that.. which it really is if it took you 4 hours of clicking.

    What made you want to waste 4 hours.. gross.

    I guess my accomplishment would be wasting my time making a Yellonde legit thread that looks lovely :D but I don't think we're allowed to make such threads. ]:<

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    Level 20 ^_^

    10 more levels until im a hunter...

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    when I found out life sucks because the girl I like got a boyfriend. I got over it with 4 hours of clikcing



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