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  1. Harrisonized

    Default The Best EXP in the game

    My first bigfoot.

    Its ect drop is really random. Aside from these, I even found the Skele Neck Bone.

    It heals when you fire/ice demon it. Quite strange, since the demons are very poison-like.

    Apparently, it has much more HP when it's being attacked, rather poisoned. draEE should have killed it in less than 40 sec, since he is doing more damage than what shows in the poison effect. However, the fight took MUCH longer than that. So I was just fooling around with draEE's bigfoot, and found out that when I paralyzed it, and then draEE attacked, it comes out of its paralysis. Near the end, draEE was like "Heal it."
    So I fire demoned it, and surprisingly, even though it said it was healing every second, its HP bar fell (nobody was attacking it, just the burn effect), and I was able to one hit it after it came out of the demon effect. No, the drop wasn't free for all. I tried looting the foot, but I couldn't.

    2mil EXP in just 40 seconds. Amazing.

    BTW, are you sure this thing has 35mil HP?
    13568 x 40 is 542720 HP.
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  2. Default

    It's funny that F/Ps get the most awesome and useful glitches from Masteria updates. Boomers, and now Bigfoot. Maybe Nexon loves F/Ps after all, lol.

  3. Default

    Holy freakin' pomegranate o.o

    How much HP does it have?

  4. Default

    35,000,000 I believe.

  5. Default

    Well, it's not glitchy because BigFoot isn't considered a boss.

  6. Water

    IGN: MysticHLE
    Server: Broa
    Level: 18x
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: VincitOmnia
    Alliance: Sonata


    Oh wow. O_O

    R>F/P to guild. XD

  7. Harrisonized


    BTW, how much HP does this really have?
    542720 or 35 mil?

  8. Default

    Server's going down for a 3 hour check. I think it'll be fixed now (or something along those lines).

    Lololo, Maybe we'll have a fire poison mage bandwagon now!

  9. Default

    im guessing this is what the emergency server chek is going to fix... :(

  10. Default

    Wow. Is that why the servers are coming down for emergency maintanence? And what's with the "safe place to camp"?...

  11. Harrisonized


    I hope they don't realize it until patches later, like when the boomer patch lasted for a hella long time.

  12. Default

    They're trying to say, "Please go away or we'll screw you up," or something along those lines.

  13. Default

    i hope they fix it so those damn fp stop ksing everyone. damn loosers

  14. Default

    if its not fixed....

    L> poison mage @ bigfoots plox... LOOOOL

  15. Harrisonized


    LoL. So true.
    I can start selling bigfoot leech like those bishops that sell Skele leech.

  16. Default

    How long does it take for them to respawn? Wait... how do you get there again. Lol..

  17. Default

    i feel my pride as an f/p slowly returning
    emergency chek fixes glitch*
    and i lost it again

  18. Harrisonized


    Starting from Phantom forest

    Go to the first map.
    Take the top left portal.
    You should be in the camp with the NPCs.
    Take the right portal.
    Take the portal just right of that.
    You end up on the bottom of Forgotten Forest.

    Too bad I died to 0% after I killed that.
    Stupid Jump Quest. >.>



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