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  1. Default MapleStory Regains Stability

    Please enjoy this token of our suckage and believe us when we say this 12th time that it's all better now.

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    -sigh- Nexon...

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    At least I could use the 30 mins HS, if they do give that. AND THIS MEANS GMS ACTUALLY DO SOME WORK.
    @ randomly though

    Player1: Hey, waiting for GM buff too?
    Player2: Yeah! You too right?
    Player1: I wonder when one would come, they said randomly...
    Player2: Oh well, they messed up hard, it makes sense that they should compensate adequately, doesn't it?
    Player1: I hope so.
    GM: Come my dear children, come to... ORBIS! For the free buff of today.

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    What they really should've said is:

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    Oh this totally makes up for the downtime.

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    Oh em gee Nexon! Its just what I wanted for Christmas! Thanks for making it the best one ever!

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    Hey, at least they're addressing their massive amount of downtimes and giving us some kind of... compensation (if you can call it that).

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    Maplemas potions, well I think I speak for everyone here: All is forgiven Nexon.

    Especially those who had gear lost in various mini rollbacks.

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    Accepted Buffs:

    20 or more W.Att/M.Att

    2x exp (lol, what am I thinking)

    Anything else can suck and burn. Now I'm almost scared to stay in Heney for the fear of being transformed every 2 seconds

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    For the easily amused note - Nexon is compensating you in thread id VD.
    That just says it all.

    You don't get compensated for a VD without first having been screwed. twice.

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    If there was a 2x exp buff, they'd just have told us that they're giving us 2x exp.

    Buffs that give 20 weapon attack equate to no more than 300 snow pieces (for that 30 minute 20 wep/mag atk pot). The compensation doesnt exactly match the fault, but whatever, it was to be expected.

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    Whoa there Nexon... Pulling out the big guns with the maplemas potions!

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    They're blowing their entire 2010 budget in one shot there, eh?

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    They should have given away 5k NX to everyone. I would have called it even then.
    (They could even profit off of it if they had enough sales after that, tempting users to buy just a little bit more NX to get that sale item that cost 5.1k NX or something)

  16. Default

    Glad I didn't lose any items from those rollbacks.

    Most likely, the GM buffs will be in major towns, where most people aren't even going to use them. The potion is simply lol. 1 potion, eh? That's all? It's nice that they're trying to compensate us, but it's more like your parents losing your Gamewboy and giving you 50 cents back to say they're sorry. Sure, it's something, but it's so insignificat that it might as well be nothing.

    Oh well. I don't care much, not like I wanted anything special. Just find it humorous.

  17. Default

    I too lol'd at the "compensation". Some more 2x would have been acceptable, perhaps on the days we don't have them (12/29 and 12/30 anyone), but from my side the fix was enough compensation.

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    Wow one maplemas potion i know how im going to use that!!!



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