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Thread: [In Progress] GM Event: Pink Bean II

  1. Default GM Event: Pink Bean II

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    Oh noes, same monster different stats. I'm shaking in my little yellow booties.

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    Aren't all monsters the same monsters just with different stats and moderately different pixels?

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    At least they have different pixels.

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    So the monster looking different is more important than it having different stats?

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    Doubt it matters, point is we're all screwed.

    PB will be summoning statues everywhere, and be like Seduce "You go that way!" *walks into 30k damage or w/e*

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    Well.... lets hope Nexon reduced the seal / stun / dispell ratio on this one...

    Last time it was: Attack PB > Use All Cure > Stunned > Attack PB > Attack PB > Rebuff > Use All Cure > Attack PB > Stunned > Stunned > Attack PB > Seduced > Rebuff > Use All Cure > Use All Cure > Use All Cure (wtp 3x in a row? -.-) > Attack PB > Stunned

    aka that event sucked big time... -.-

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    Oh noes, Mama Bean.

    We're all fucked.

  9. Perma-Banned

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    Eww... could you imagine those two things going at it....
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    I missed all the events before, I keep forgetting. I need to log in and check it out, but Iíll probably forget again.

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    I shat myself.

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    Pro tip: Stop reading too much into things.

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    I lol'd.

    Maybe they'll summon the real thing next time. Would be awesome to steal the Pink Bean medal by killing an event monster, making going to PB completely pointless now.

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    Some have different moves .

    So Mama Pink Bean is the same thing than the Papa except with stronger defenses? Does this mean the Mama is stronger than the Papa...?

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    Babies < Mama < Papa.

    tl;dr: The real PB can still shove his fluffy pink tail up your ass.

  16. Sassy Stranger Male
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    Woohoo, another pointless event for potion burning!

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    Nexon: Taking your hard earned money one way or another.

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    This is why I only give them my easy-earned money - I get a dime everytime someone peaches about Nexon's greed. I shall have NX for years.

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    I already get 1 penny everytime someone complains about Nexon in general. I'll be set for life!



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