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  1. Default Permanent Kino Pet Gift Issue

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    Hurray, Nexon is fixing a glitch!

    -Hands out beer-

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    It's been a few days. Anything but quick.

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    I'm aware of that - it was the reason I didn't feel the need to point out the fact that my post was dripping with sarcasm.

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    Compared to where it would take them two weeks before I would say it's kind of quick, Nexon quick that is.

  6. Can you hear it?
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    Shouldn't we be happy that nexon fixes things with a simple sc now?

    In the past didn't they wait until a patch to fix glitches?

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    They still have to patch to fix glitches. It just depends on what kind of glitch it is. If it's a client side glitch, you need to patch. If it's a glitch on their end, they can probably fix it without having you download an updated version.

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    its cos i went on a massive rant on twitter, im sure of it.

    Nah, just kidding Nexon doesn't listen to there followers on twitter.

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    so buying one for yourself is safe?

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    yeah :)

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    Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest is still glitched and they are nowhere near even noticing that. Predictable though, anything that may affect the future of Nexon's precious money sucking (ie. AVG Maple block, Non-working gifted pets) they will fix, but anything that is free will take eons to fix.
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    They are addressing all the other "issues" when they really need to fix the cwk pq one.

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    It's just...gah. They already fixed this before. How could they mess it up again, and not know how to fix it again? The patch wasn't even about CWK!

    what is this I don't even

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    Hello Maplers!

    We know you’ve been waiting to enjoy your new permanent pal, so we’re happy to announce that we have resolved the permanent Kino pet gifting issue! The permanent Kino pet gifts are now working as intended. Players who were affected by this issue have been compensated 12,000 Maple Points to re-purchase their little friend – along with a little extra to spoil your cuddly new buddy.

    Thanks for your patience and happy Mapling!

    -The MapleStory Staff-

    Anyone want to test it?

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    Hahaha, yes. I knew purposely gifting myself the glitched Kino would result in some extra NX as compensation.

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    So what would a Water of Life do to the glitched Kino pet? Would it make it permanent or last for 90 days? Just thinking of a way to save some NX.

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    Pretty sure it'd make it 90 days. I think water of life simply adds +90 days to the pet's life.



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