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  1. Default More bad news about the helms

    For those that haven't heard, it got changed in the recent patch to be +12 and not +24. All other stats remained the same.

  2. Default

    That actually should be a good thing when you're not able to get one, right?

    I don't care about them really, I'd rather make a normal hat with similar stats.

  3. Default

    I don't see any changes with gloves/shoes.

  4. Default

    Hells to the yes. Now I just need a warrior mule.

  5. Default

    I'm paying the 3k NX for how cute the helm looks, don't really care much about the stats. It's nice that they balanced it a bit though. With helms that were +24 stats, you could wear it until you get Zhelm and basically only have to go through 2 helms in the game.

    Though, +12 is still pretty good if you don't have a Zhelm, maybe people will stick with them until Zhelm after all...

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    Yay, now all the noobs are gonna either be Knights of Cygnus or look exactly the same classwise.

  7. Default

    Apparently Cygnus can do the quest as well, according to this rage. So why not all be Cygnus knights AND look exactly the same?

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    So now we're only gonna see Headbands for level 10s, the class helms, zhelms, and Scarlion and Targar hats. This is gonna be fun. At least we have some diversity in our sameness.

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    Get a transparent hat, show off your different hairstyles...oh wait...

  10. Default

    Perma transparent hats for the win. If you didn't get those:

    Seems like a nice ploy Nexon has come up with. Next they'll add super armor for each class as well, so everyone will basically follow the same uniform unless they buy NX or don't care about the stat boost.

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    just been to basil,

    saw people raging just like me,

    and saw a guy posting this


    can anyone confirm if the last thing is a load of bull?

  12. Default

    it costs nx to do this? lold

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    I know the first one is a load of bull.

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    He could be talking about the first four training quests which can only be done under level 30.

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    isn't it karmable? so to get technical... you CAN get it.

    can arans get these helms [meaning the warrior one]? and by get i don't mean karma over i mean like get for free.



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