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    iirc, tms has no chaos scrolls and the mask dont have slots. if it ever came out to gms, im pretty sure gms is adding 3 or 5 slots to it.

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    LOL at the Mushmom xD, I wouldn't mind that 50 atk though...
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  3. DUCKS
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    Uh, wrong equip. I thought HT pendants.

    Nevertheless, it's not going to give them an insane boost compared to....

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    now we just need strong mobs to go along with them to make levels 180+ trainable at a decent rate by non-magicians

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    5 slots ring +__+

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    How can someone be EVEN more stupid than the ppl fom Nexon America?

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    Explain how Neoxn America is stupid >_>

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    Hahahahahaha. Oh wait.


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