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Thread: [Notice] Haunted House II Preview

  1. Default Haunted House II Preview

    Finally something that perks some attention.

  2. Default

    Oooh a continuation of one of my favorite story arcs, I wonder if they're going to seal off the new section for NX users only, haha.

  3. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    I wish I still had some Maplepoints from last year's Thanksgiving to get in...I somehow did that in 2007.

  4. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
    IGN: FrozNlite
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: F/P ArchMage
    Guild: Brazzers
    Alliance: Heroes


    B> Krakia.

  5. Default


    Who else smells another PQ.

  6. Default

    Oh sounds like it could actually be new content. Maybe I can put my omni key to some use again.

  7. Default

    Only $20 to get in! Server transfer to our special new "HAUNTED SERVER"! No new characters allowed.

  8. Default

    That would be nice. I've kept my key all this time and have yet to drop it.

  9. Default

    Nexon said "hell" oh noes. Burn them!

  10. Sassy Stranger Male
    IGN: SlayerZach
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: YES
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Phoenix
    Farm: SlayerZach


    Yes! Something that isn't so lame!

  11. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
    Level: 172
    Job: ShAHHHdower


    Why's everyone begging for Krakia nowadays? Chances are it'll just be a level 70's training grounds.

  12. Default

    If you use logic, as the Krakians killed everyone in the CWK, it means they are more powerful...

    Then again, it's Nexon we are talking about.

  13. Default

    since when does nexon put eye-catching flashy things into their notices

  14. Default

    I hope they don't. Reusing a event questline like that would be one of the lamest things Nexon could ever do.

  15. Default


    Nexon =/= logic.



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