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Thread: [MSEA] [0.81] Aran/Neo Tokyo

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    This is rather amusing since SEA is getting the entire NeoTokyo (including expansions) in a fortnight.

    To be honest, I think Nexon cares less about the translations when a majority of the SEA players are mainly driven by the availability of new content.

  2. Proton

    IGN: BuddyAran
    Server: Cassopeia
    Level: 115
    Job: Aran (13/02/11)
    Guild: Not telling
    Alliance: Not telling also


    1st of all, I din see anything about the Big Frog Tonosama's etc. So the neo tokyo entrance is free?

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    I don't know what pisses me off more; people peaching about other games content or people who use terms like MIRAI TOUKYOU (which stems from white people who went out of their way to learn japanese and then correct those who use english translations because NO NO NO, IT'S NOT NEO TOKYO. IT'S MIRAI TOUKYOU DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING??? *puffs out chest* and what's worse is those who latch onto those stupid terms. It's pineappleing Neo Tokyo in english don't call it Mirai unless you're going to translate everything you say into japanese it doesn't even make sense to selectively translate or selectively use stupid translations if you don't know japanese GOD DAMN)

    Otherwise, that's pretty cool. Here's hoping that some of this comes to us in the next few months. Or that we get something more than just Halloween events in a couple weeks.

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    Hahahahahaahahaa *falls over laughing* To be perfectly honest I only said that because the person I replied to made a big deal about it not too long ago.

    And even if I was actually using it seriously you would be wrong on one thing since I am not white.

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    No. It's probably a separate CS item.

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    I was actually referring to other people (don't want to say names 'cause it's not meant to be a flame so much as just saying JESUS CHRIST STOP IT WE KNOW YOU KNOW JAPANESE) but there are a couple of people really bad about this like they want to show off how much they know.

    Also people going around randomly translating random words have no right to complain about bad translations. If you use Mirai Toukyou when you talk I demand you start translating everything you write on these forums into japanglish or forever hold your peace.

    Nein, I'm gonna start dropping what I remember from my french/german classes into my posts just to emphasize how ridiculous it is to do this. Back on topic, s'il vous plait.
    Last edited by Sarah; 2009-10-05 at 03:42 AM.

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    You haven't seen the worst of it, it's just a freaking forum here. Wait till you hear people TALK pomegranate like "Can toi get moi a cup of cafe?"
    It's not that kind of retarded Frainglais/Frenchlish, but they talk in my language (Vietnamese) and only replacing random words here and there, particularly toi, moi, mannequin, soleil and making no dam sense in their speech. I freaking HATE having to ask them again and again what the pineapple the want to say.

    At least, here we are discussing Japanese materials, Japanese terms are somewhat tolerable, not everyday's basic activity.
    Besides, whether it is Ohayo Gozaimasu or Good morning, I wouldn't care as long as I understand. Just not おはようございます because I can't comprehend that.

    On-topic: I wonder what will interest MSEA players more, making a new exciting class or discovering an epic area. Patch is overdose.

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    If I'm not wrong, we're getting Neo Tokyo this patch, Aran the next. Not both at the same time. That'd be overdone.

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    I have to admit that I sometimes enjoy dropping in a word from another language not to show someone I know it and I am all fancy and better than them because of it, but just because I like to screw with people every now and then.

    I don't overdo it though, those types of people who run around with half this language and half that language because they're so smart for knowing a second language annoy the fuck out of me to the point that I want to smash their head into a brick wall over and over and over and over. . .

    Annnnnnnyway. I find the HP/Exp ratios funny since it makes Neo Tokyo look like an area with a bunch of normal spawning mini-bosses.

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    I'm from MSEA, but don't take my word for it. All our users want is free items. No really.

    Me on the other hand, would love upgrades for the adventurers. I'm not asking for 5th job or whatever, but Nexon/Wizet/ASF should atleast try to fix the jobs first, before heading out for other shiet. Sure, new content sounds fun, but sometimes I hope that the original 4+1 jobs were to be fixed. Cygnus is just a way to get new players to try out the game first before going on to the real stuff, but I don't see how is it successful at doing so. Mages should get a mini ultimate, really. Something like whatever platform they are on >_>

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    Why do I feel something so wrong with this lol.

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    ooo, There's some nice CS items and The Judgement looks awesome XD
    The Battleship Mount, I thought that was called "Spaceship" Oo
    I do hope we get the maple gloves, it's not bad; Stat wise

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    I know this is the way it was supposed to be, and I don't even know anyone that took advantage of this with 19 Arrow Blow, but RAAAAAAAGE.

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    I see MasPan hasnt seen the nerf to the Bane Pole Arm...waits for the inevitable nuclear explosion.

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    It's MSEA, why would he care? He'd be even angrier if it wasn't nerfed.

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    Maple Ganesha gloves? Some 15 def and that's it. 5 slots, need SoK to trade... Sure they look better than work gloves, but why would anyone hope to get them?

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    dont misuse engrish or singlish plz.

    Wait, why is shikage raging over this. Its not like JMS is gonna be affected by this anyway.

    However, I must say. Thats some sloppy translation. Probably the price to pay for fast content.
    For which I do not mind exchanging because those translations arent a big deal...

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    Erm no, he was counting it on being fast (4) and mass scrolling them, it is now normal (6)...if its normal(6) when it comes here I fear for the server he's in.

  19. かっか! Straight Male
    Server: 765Pro
    Level: 999
    Job: Puchi
    Guild: Puchimas!
    Alliance: iDOLM@STER


    Actually Justin, our lv 115 weapons are also levellable. Plus, I see no Tokyo Messiah medal. :P

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    W..what?? Auf.. Haven?!?!?!?!?

    No, this isn't really possible. The MapleSEA translations have gone so bad that there isn't an explanation of how bad they are.

    You know what? MapleSEA could get all the content in this entire world, but the worst thing which can happen to a game is have HORRIBLE translations like MapleSEA.. no, wait, they aren't horrible, they are tremendous. Seriously, if you have to translate the content so bad don't release it at all. It'd make me f'ucking rage if we had so bad translations on GMS. Yeah, we have many typos and grammar mistakes, but not as many as MapleSEA.. like.. really, WHAT? Softnyx is a Chinese company which translates its games to english as bad as MapleSEA.. I used to play one of their games, Rakion.

    I quitted it because of the bad english in the game itself, and in their announcements. Like, you almost didn't understand what they were trying to say. Bad translations = bad game.

    But let's not start another flame war like the last time, shall we? I'm not trying to, I'm just saying what I think about it.

    I must say, though, that Neo Tokyo + Aran + Witch Event (which I really loved on KMS) is pretty good.. though, you won't get Aran or Witch Event this patch (not sure about the last one) but only get Neo Tokyo, so.. yeah. I wouldn't consider it a super-patch, but a pretty good patch.

    Though, the translations... no, no, no. Just no.


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