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Thread: [In Progress] New Package Sales!

  1. Default New Package Sales!

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    October 14...

    Yeah, I'm so gonna avoid being on that day.

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    Oh well, I only log on to OPQ so I'll be somewhat safe from this epidemic.

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    It amazes me how people can be so amazingly ignorant that you're being as childish as you suggest the people you're insulting are.

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    it will be quite annoying to see hundreds of little naruto clones running about, though :/

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    Narutards, recruit!

  7. Neon Atom Male
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    GG i hate naruto stuff.... lol

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    No more annoying than the half billion Janus/Sachiel/Etc's every time they let those horrible, horrible outfits in for cheap.

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    And they're no where NEAR as bad as the 'generic NX whore' look for both men and women. Both lack creativity, but at least these are new and appealing to the eyes.

    I might consider the Ed or Al outfit...

  10. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Tonight, we dine in hell!

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    Is the Alfonse outfit gender restricted? Or can a female buy it?
    -seriously thinking about getting it-

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffff- Why can't Nexon just give the GM event winners the prizes already.
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  12. Perma-Banned

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    Alliance: it...


    Shinpudden isn't even in America yet, well technically it's going to be aired on Jetex.... but i digress

    *clears throat*

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    I think there was another post of these coming out in another version and someone saying there wasn't a gender limit. I'll link if I can

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    Aren't there some type of copyright laws being broken? I mean how can they take the direct outfits from 2 major anime shows and put them into the game for people to buy o-o

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    technically they aren't exact lol

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    I'm so buying this outfit, making a Nightlord, always equipped with a diamond dagger. I will then have steelies and mokbis to express my love for naruto. I will also have every skill microed to "Believe it" or "SASUKE!". I will the harrass other players so I will become the hoka---night lord that everyone worships and looks to for leadership.


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    Thank God for DFO is all I'm gonna say.

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    The chaos package is missing the metallic arm... Nice fail, no alchemy effect for Alfonse. (or super greedy nexon making you buy chaos package AND alchemist package just for a full chaos set..)



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