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Thread: [Notice] Cash Shop Surprise Alert Fix

  1. Default Cash Shop Surprise Alert Fix

    ask you and shall receive?

  2. Default

    I approve of this fix.

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    YES this is very good. But not as many people are using them now as yesterday, but it still rocks.

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    Should only say when someone gets a Pink Bean. No one cares about the other pets, either. Oh well, this is still a huge improvement.

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    What!? T-this is... unbelievable... Nexon did something to stop annoying us! Oh my, is the armageddon really here?

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    I thought that was Fiel.

    Or did you mean a Guardian Angel?

  7. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Nah. I bet they only did this since the spam was costing them a lot of bandwidth (I think that's the term).


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    When I saw the thread title I thought that I'd read in here that Nexon reduced the chances of getting "good" things. lol

  9. I AM NOW "Mute"
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    no, no i dont believe this. no, it cant be; nexon did something RIGHT?!
    oh god OH GOD, THEY DIVIDED BY 0!!

  10. Default

    I won't believe this until Alex Kim, the System Administrator of NEXON, comes to Italy and tells me that it's true.

  11. Sassy Stranger Male
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    Yays, no more random BLing yelling whenever the same person gets a million notices in a day *pokes a certain someone from the 1st day of the patch*

  12. Default

    Yay! Happy for the reduction! That pomegranate was so annoying on the first day it came out. Does the Cash Shop surprise really have to announce anything at all?

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    I thought they reduced the amount of things you get in the box, but nvm that.



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