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  1. Default [Fiel Reviews] Red-Nose Pirate Den 3

    Recommended level: 78+?
    Required Skills: Max Burst Fire, Max Invisible Shot, Max Recoil Shot
    Recommended Skills: Gaviota, Octopus

    This map is a good alternative to Newties if you're not liking the monotony. I, for one, am not looking forward to doing 80 - 120 firing at newties, so this is a not-quite-as-good alternative as far as %/hr is concerned, but it's a lot more fun than sniping Newties.

    Let's have a look at the map

    First of all, always stay on the ship. You will never need to jump down to the ground to clear out the right - they'll move to the left themselves as you finish off the mobs on the ground floor. As far as how to clear off the mobs on the bottom, your bullets can hit the mobs on the ground just fine from the deck.

    Now you might reach a point in which the bottom is all cleared out (like this). In that case, there's a simple two-part solution to your problem of attacking the top two decks if the spawn is too dense up top.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    EDIT: I meant Invisible Shot in Part 2. I'm a dolt.

    Careful, though, on Part 2. If the mobs spawn too quickly on the platform below the steps you may have to retreat back to the railing and start over. Or, hopefully by then the mobs will have respawned on the main deck and ground floor so you won't need to repeat this process. Furthermore in Part 2, the mobs on the platform at the bottom of the steps can hit you from that position. If nothing else, just blank shot to stun and use invisible shot to take them out.

    This is a great map to choose if you went with Gaviota or Octopus instead of one of the elemental moves, like I did. In that case, do the following:

    Where to use Octopus/Gaviota

    If the mobs become too thick on either the main deck or the ground (like this), you still have several options: (1) Aggro all of the mobs to the right, hop on the railing, and invisible shot them from above [this works with both main deck and floor mobs], or (2) If the problem is just with the ground mobs, you can hop along the main deck and use invisible shot. Make sure to keep Gaviota/Octopus spawned to keep them busy.

  2. Default

    I trained here a bit on my Dawn Warrior. It sucked. Can't imagine faring much better on an Outlaw.

    What type of %/hr are you raking in? HTKO?

  3. Neon Atom
    IGN: Reflexx
    Server: KMS
    Level: 122
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: EllinForest
    Alliance: Foreigners


    looks interesting! However I'd prefer sniping newties to using invisible shot. I hate invis shot (due to C2 hell levels) more than i hate sniping ATM. Im lvl 92, ill may try this later on though

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    I can 2HKO with relative ease. It's a 1HKO if my octopi get to the Kru/Captain first. I haven't looked at %/hr. I just noticed I was having a lot of fun there and thought I'd share with others.

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    They are craptastic exp, but fun to kill. For a minute I thought fiel was talking about the MD lol.

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    2 hits to get 265/280 exp is crap =/

    Newties give 3800 exp and should only take 10-12 hits at your level, with your damage. Even Windraiders beat those. 2hko for 800 exp. These can't compete no matter how good the spawn density is. Unless you had a constant 6 mobs to hit and max Flamethrower/Ice Splitter. And even then there's a lot of better alternatives to this.

    I do like the map, though.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    You have to remember it'd be at least 3/4hko if it was anyone other than paul. His stuff is too good.

  8. Default

    I actually trained at the same map on my 7x outlaw when pirates came out. I thought it was a pretty fun and cool map to train in, plus you're a pirate killing pirates! The exp was only decent back at around 77-80, but after that, it wasn't too good.

  9. Default

    They have less HP than Windraiders, which any Outlaw can 2hko at level 80 with maxed Burst Fire and decent gear.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Meh. Still...



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