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  1. Default Wheel of Destiny price

    The Wheel of Destiny is likely to come out during this next server check or the one after. It costs 500 NX and lasts for 90 days.

    The "Two Pendants CS Item" is not listed in NXWatch

  2. Default

    500 NX to be revived in the same map...that's not a bad deal, for once.


  3. Default

    one question. is the wheel of destiny a type of charm? or does it not save any exp loss from death at all?

  4. Default

    iirc you need a charm and a wheel to prevent exp loss and a return to town, but to be honest you'd never really need both at the same time.

  5. Default

    Are the prices for CS items and how they're organized in the CS in the .wz files, and if so, where are they? I can only find the actual items themselves =/ Or is asking that not allowed here?

    It doesn't save you from losing exp. If it did, it wouldn't make sense because it's cheaper than a safety charm o_o

  6. Default

    Fiel has his ways.

  7. Default

    no u get to choose if u wanna use it or not

  8. Default

    It is a pity this is going to become a requirement to kill bosses from now on...

  9. Won't Be Coming Back

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    So let me get this straight; all GMS needs is this Wheel of Fortune thing to take down PB?

  10. Default

    I think Windia got to start fighting pink bean with only 16 mins left in their timer. (Correct me if i am wrong)
    I'd say that and 30 mins more.

  11. Default

    The gMS squads that have attempted PB so far were no where near optimized. A near optimized kMS squad got to PB with over 7 minutes left if I remember correctly, and with all the stuff gMS has, plus ckpq gelts for the att/avoid, taru face paint, sunblock, maybe the 1-day mu lung dojo medal if you're crazy, etc., gMS has the potential to kill PB within an hour.

  12. Default

    I may be missing something here, but what can this do that Resurrection can't?

    Or is it just the fact that everyone can buy a fistful and not have to rely on/worry about cooldowns and bishops dying and such?

  13. Default

    Its exactly that second part, bishops die and you're screwed, you die twice and you're screwed due to cooldowns.

  14. I AM NOW "Mute"
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    just see how the set will cost, and if it'll be 5 or 6 for a bundle.

  15. Default

    What about your Karma Scissors? Our Karma Scissors in JMS are $15 EACH..... :(

  16. Default

    Wow, surprisingly cheap. A good deal for once, I thought it'd be a lot more expensive.

  17. Default

    I think that's almost a good thing, since it'll prevent Nexon from trying to make all the best equips untradable-only-karma-able, like it is in GMS (zhelms, belts, glasses, and HTPs).

    500 is nice and reasonable, I can see this being useful for bossing. I'm also glad that the pendant thingie won't be out, since I think it's just another Nexon extortion (you're basically renting 10 attack).

  18. Default

    ...but they're also making our CRAP Zhelms (10 to all stat, currently tradeable Zhelms) untradeable and karma-able, meaning they're making more and more things Karma-able, so they're going to lose a lot of popularity, unless they lower the price of Karma Scissors and release 15 stat zhelms...



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