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  1. Default Nexon America announces record-breaking July



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    Best. Typo. Ever.

    Yeah, they've doing pretty well lately I'd say. A lot of what they've done in recent months has been a big help, like releasing Cygnus Knights has brought a lot of former users back into the game. I'm quite satisfied with what Nexon has been doing lately and was also pretty impressed with how they handled the monster book shuffle error a while back. They can be a nice company when they want to be.

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    I found this funny.

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    Only thing new/interesting is "BlockParty". I wonder what that'll be?

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    Oh Rick, you left out all the wonders like leaving massive bugs that can be exploited by players but ignored "temporarily" while they soak up profit.

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    Now show it.

    Edit: More specifically, be a great company more often, not just once in awhile.

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    Awww Sorry, I edited for you. I hope it does them justice.

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    And here i was reading this expecting to see some goddamn numbers. Who cares if you got a record breaking increase. If you're going to put this up at least tell us how much you're making.

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    might be some online chat type program or something?

    i lol'ed. so true.

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    Ah yes, now that sounds right.

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    eh. id rather see them increase their customer support than their wallets.

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    uhh... so how about fixing that vicious hammer :\

    i HATE this company with a passion D: lol

    it amazes me how they continue to offer such crap support for their biggest product (maplestory), yet put so much focus into other projects that bomb (kart rider, audition, sugar rush) or games that are difficult to make money off of (combat arms, mabinogi). they really have nothing coming thats going to take off like maple (DFO and dragons nest will be two more bombs).

    if they could just run the service a bit more competent i'd have some respect for the company, but till than their just taking everything they can get with giving nothing. they dont deserve the business they get.

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    Remind me again, which month did they sell unlimited AP resets for a buck each?

    Oh. I see.

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    I'd rather see them have employees who actually know what's going on, how things work, and knows what The Great Master Plan Is communicate with players rather than hiring another 20 entry level helpdesk monkeys who copy/paste meaningless and often unrelated crap out of a knowledge base.

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    RDAL said it all...

    Though maybe throwing in the tax increase on MTS was some ploy to discourage small-time MTSers from making nx on there could have been added. Still pissed with that,

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    I would like to see a bus crash through the building into the big pile of cash they're rolling around in (instead of doing work, of course) and then have it burst into flames. I would like for them to survive and maybe take something from it. Not money.
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    You don't even play anymore. Why do you care? Baww more.

    Anyway it's funny how they can be so proud about this but they continue to let little e-thugs run amok.



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