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    Wow I am actually genuinely surprised. This month’s calendar is one of the best they have ever released.
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    Kind of.. weird, but whatever.

    I liked last year's better.

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    Sorry for the necropost, but I just wanted to notice you that the February calendar was posted.


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    *Waits for June's and hopes it's a picture of Evans*

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    Hmm, well I think that'd be too early still...

    In any case, they'll probably have the calender made after they've already made the Evan notice.
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    Well, I've been quite inactive these days, but I've got enough time to update this post.

    February 2010 added.

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    I have to admit I love this year's February calender. Super cute and love the drawing~ And it was posted before February yay!

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    Sorry for the late update on March, but I've posted April as well.

    I see they've started to reflect on the month's patch content. ;)

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    Added May 2010. It's the same as last year's, but with more monsters crowding around the tower.

    The calenders were kept from a while ago, and Nexon probably removed them from their site. However, they are still official ones from Nexon.

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    what the hell is this wierd bird thingy behind the female aran?

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    Oh man the links expired... Can you upload them again? T_T
    Collecting weird calendars has become my new hobby. Hmm.

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    September 2010


    Sure smells like filler patch here.

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    Uploaded the latest September calendar.

    I think they might even skip the September patch and go straight to Halloween events.

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    Who knows, but probably your right. They could throw a new one in the middle of September.

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    Back2school event: lern2english! Maplers can has leters 2 lern 2 speek ebglish very goodly.

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    The visitor event ends on September 30. So... yeah.



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