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  1. Default Southperry's own Thief Flaunting thread =D

    Lets flaunt out Sexay Damage here on Southperry.,net =D

    (for bandits, plz no meso bomb damage -_-" zzzzzz)

    i'll start things off =D

    I scrolled them again about 30 mins ago, now they're 9 luk 1 slot <333 and my range has been increased to ~3008 XD

  2. Default

    Bought these about three years ago at level 17, because I couldn't afford them at level 15.

    I've had many people ask me "stats earring???"; I reply "WDef +1, 4 slots".

  3. Default


    Damage with a pill, one of which with SE after APQ. I use a 96/8 Asura (dexless),18 luk sauna,clean stompers,13 att bwg, 3/6 luk cape, 15/14/15/15 zhelm.

  4. Default

    15/15/15/14 zhelm =(
    2/1/1/1 necklace
    no earings
    3 atk, 6 str cape
    no overall
    13 atk sc
    98 atk, 8 luk fan
    15 atk, 8 str shield
    no shoes

    I'm sitting on a few hundred milions, but I'm a bit stingy.
    I keep having problems buying a luk sauna, since the markets of basil/ are so unreliable, but I hope to get my hands on a 20+ luk.
    Finally, I'm hopefully getting some facestompers tomorrow.

  5. Default


    sorry i was so slow on the SS , its a 14,668 though.

  6. xDae


    I loved that thing...

    2/3 Helm Acc 30%s
    3/3 Helm Acc 70%s

    The next 30% made it go boom boom

  7. Default

    Whoa that's damn nice :D

    You think I should make a topic 'Strongest Thieves by Class' like on :p

  8. Default

    Wow, I need to get on more, when did we get Earring Luk? D:

  9. Default

    Last patch, I believe.

  10. Default

    pineapple yeah.

    Damage. BStep damage not yet added.


  11. Helium Atom
    IGN: Protected
    Server: Gerrant
    Level: 32
    Job: Priest
    Guild: Risen
    Alliance: Somnium


    Nice earrings yo. If I still played my NL, I would get a pair of those.

  12. Default

    Dagger is currently unfinished though, it's currently a 96w.atk 3 slots Maple Asura Dagger.
    Last edited by xStrife07; 2008-07-03 at 02:30 AM. Reason: Typo.

  13. Default

    Jesus those 11 luk earrings are hawt. But they're making my dex earrings deflate. ;_;

    Edit: My nothing special gear
    Last edited by Mopsy; 2008-07-04 at 03:08 AM.

  14. Default

    Theres my lukless str dit inspired by inbomb the only lukless cb flame if you want cause i wont listen :) anyways peace

  15. Default

    Ok.. now that's some godly pomegranate right there.

  16. Default

    Lmfao i almost shat a brick at that comment ahahah

  17. Default

    15139 or so dmg I couldnt see the last digit on the last hit but yah not to bad if i say so my self.



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