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  1. xDae

    Default Animated Pirate Skills

    Would anyone be interested in me animating all of them and posting it? Its cool how Fiel did it in the 4th job thread, but none of the skills 1~3 are done

    Thats one so far, should I bother doing the rest?

  2. Default

    I can donate one that was done for my sig. One sec.

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  3. xDae


    Yea Im gettin used to Fireworks, it was hard to line up frame by frame til I learned a new technique

  4. xDae


    I dont know if it would go here or in Scroll Lock
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  5. Default

    Scroll Lock's for pictures, primarily in game, thus the term "Scroll Lock". Animated Pirate Skills are more Piratey than they are pictures. :o

    I've got nothing better to do, mind if I help out? (Banned Story has most of the images)

    Also, if you're getting the images from the WZ files, can you get my some Flash Jump Images? xD Can't seem to find them anywhere, including Banned Story.

  6. Default

    I already made animations to most of the skills after it was released.
    You can still find them here:
    (there are directories in the side)

  7. Default

    Ohsnap, that's epic. o_o
    Any animation of the Octopus Summon just standing? o.0

  8. Default

    Right here:

  9. Default

    Post them in here, and damn Pirates are a flashy class.

  10. Default

    Uhm... No, not that I can think of. xD
    Random, but some kind of program that generates ranges like Fiel uses in his Skill threads would be awesome. xP

    Thanks for the epic octoplatypus. <3

  11. Default

    Haha the octopus trio is cute, but i was expecting it to be tad bigger.

  12. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Matiusu
    Server: Broa
    Level: Up
    Job: Demon who Slaye
    Guild: Aura


    I know people who have dirty thoghs going through their heads when they see that summon

  13. Default

    thought a transform using windbooster looked cool

    žIt be nice if You could make a siggy for me of a lv40 pirate equip wearing character or my character using wind Booster, transform, and Energy orb. then like disappearing into nothing using demolition. Lol, that be wicked.

    only if you would like to animate me
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