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Thread: [In Progress] 2x EXP - Last Weekend!

  1. Default 2x EXP - Last Weekend!

    Additional 2x EXP event added for MapleStory's anniversary. Only for this weekend!

    Saturday, June 20th, 1:00 ~ 3:00 pm (PDT)

    Sunday, June 21st, 1:00 ~ 3:00 pm (PDT)

    Take advantage of the last weekend of free 2x EXP!


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    They make it sound like it's never coming back. Which probably wouldn't be too far off from the truth.

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    Well I guess I'll get to lvl150 then...

    Just to celibrate the non-excisting Bstep upgrade during another 4 hours of 4.44x exp... -.-

    Nexon always tries to make their mistakes / pineappleups look good, instead of informing us players why the REAL patch was delayed in the first place... -.-

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    Last chance to empty your wallets into our outreached hands... for a few days.

    *screws up intentionally*


    pineappleing nexon.

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    Tons of people are already farming rep on mules, so 2x events aren't really that important anymore.

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    It seems pretty desperate for them to have extended the event - I don't think it was planned.

    They have other more sadistic ways of getting money from people if they really wanted.

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    But it's still what they're doing. They screw up and give us 2x so we buy 2x cards and tah-dah!, they still win. They shouldn't be profiting from their mistakes, that's my point. If you screw up at (almost) any other job in the world, you don't get paid. Not only do they get paid, but they make major profits every time they screw up.
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  8. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
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    Adding another 2x EXP weekend, as well as Scania's Friday 2x, makes me a little less dissapointed about this one week delay.

    163 here I come.

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    this is the first time i see people complain about free 2x. really guys this si good stuff, moar exp please.

  10. Mercury
    IGN: Setsuna007
    Server: Broa
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    People are NEVER satisfied.. Be greatful that they actually extended the 2x event. Even if they didn't people would still be buying 4 hr 2x exp cards, so it doesn't really matter.

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    So would you eat crap off a golden platter? Because that's what this is. Of course you can't satisfy everyone, and I am especially skeptical of Nexon's antics BUT the fact remains that this is little more than a money-making scheme. Sure some people intended to buy 2x this weekend, but many players ONLY buy during 2x events, and that's why Nexon uses these.

    Accepting everything for what it seems to be is a nice way to glide through life with a little smile but regardless of what you see or think, it still is what it is and it's not right, so don't try acting superior because you just don't care.

  12. King Father Unbanned
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    I glide through life with a smile, and yet I trust almost no one, ever. This might be a money-making scheme, yes. But they're also making sure to give us something as compensation. The ones who decide what to give us as compensation are not the higher-ups, but the GM's mostly. And they know that people love to stack 2x for 4x. I would do it more often if levels mattered to me anymore, but now I hardly do it anymore. I've been known to skip and stay off during events because there's lag, and it's just a good time to take a break. (Unless one of my friends wants to train with me. )

    I really don't know how else they can compensate other than the way they have. We didn't get to use the event npc's as we wanted, and were disappointed about it, so they extended it. This patch wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad. It had some fun things to it, and I liked the curve. (Even though it came AFTER the 101-120 hell levels.) We've had much worse patches than this, yet I've never seen those get the screaming and cursing and bashing as this patch, and extension, has gotten.

    I write now because I'm quite irritated that people were ranting that they wanted more time with the event npc's because of the bug, but now that they got it, they whine about it. And I'm bad with names and faces, but I'm pretty sure that one of the people now ranting that we got an extension was one of the same people to rant that we needed an extension in the first place.

    And I understand people want TT badly. But it's no reason to explode. It'll come. If there's one thing that my dad ever said right was that patience is a virtue. You can't force it to come, and no amount of whining will bring it, same as how it won't bring back the dead. Nexon says we're getting TT, we'll get it when it comes, bugs, glitches, d/c's and emergency s/c's included.

  13. Mercury
    IGN: Setsuna007
    Server: Broa
    Level: 13x
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: KingdomHeroes
    Alliance: 4 guilds


    I concur.. I haven't trained in a month or so, b/c to me gaining levels now just seems pointless. Yeah you get to use new skills & everything but GETTING the skills is a B'ITCH! for some players. Well said with "Patience is a virtue" quote.



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