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  1. Default [MapleStory] BGM - Complete Collection & Guide [KMST V395]

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    The new thread is at:


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    Nice thread. I've been looking for some of these tracks. Mainly Pap's theme.

    Best. Song. Ever.

    Lol, Pink Been's boss battle song sounds like something from the "Tales of..." series.
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    Oh thanks! I want to hear time temples new theme o-o.

    edit: I dont like the boss theme d;
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    Fighting Pink Been's song sounds like something from Zelda, and the Twilight Princess. xd

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    there has a lot of music
    l'd like PB's BGM because it's passionate

    where's duskofgod?

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    Another great thread... ;P!
    Usefull >:P

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    Is it only me, but in the beginning of "Dusk Of God" does it sound like clocks are ticking?
    I was wondering how the last PB fight would be, if Dusk of God was the theme for it.
    I was thinking like, throughout the background, the Maple storyline is playing throughout the boss fight.

    Like, in the time chamber rooms in ludi, like the path of time. That kinda bg.

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    Duskofgod is right here.

    It's the last of the Time Temple tracks.

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    The time temple BGM is so soothing ^^

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    Zakum and Horntail rock too. Well, Zakum gets annoying.

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    New Tracks!

    summerboating01 - Summer Boating Event 1
    summerboating02 - Summer Boating Event 2
    summerboating03 - Summer Boating Event 3


    Stay tuned for Crimsonwood Keep and Future Tokyo tracks!
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    I always imagined the pink Bean's theme on a epic running stage, like the APQ one... Only with able to use haste, and some platforms involved... With Night lords being able to go faster to open doors for the rest, teleport routes for mages...

    Aaaah... If I could make a pq...

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    Just wondering, where are the CWK tracks?

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    Okay, they're there now! :D

    I'll try to keep this list updated as frequent as possible. Look forward to more tracks soon!

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    I hope to see the "Leafre" section added to this. xP -wants the Horntail music-

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    This just shows that although the MS BGM is pretty bad to grind too, the music itself is very well done. Using the names they are given, I'm fairly sure I could add these to my dad's iPod and he wouldn't think they're from a video game.

    Nice work, I much appreciate the effort.
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    Leafre tracks are there!

    They're in the KMST section, due to the fact that all old tracks are already in the old KMST files.

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    That's the Showa Town Sauna BGM.

    It's probably the most awkward one out there.

    Stay tuned for Malaysia tracks!



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