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  1. Default New Patch is up?


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    I think it's been up since wednesday night.

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    Weird. My checker must be on the fritz.
    Wonder if it's fake info like the 09 03 calendar they have in the place holder for the 09 05 calendar.

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    Know what's in it yet? :o
    -crosses fingers for the goddamn kms updates-

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    Yes please... we really need the kMS skills rebalance patch...

    Although I thought next patch is only hackshield...

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    According to Fiel the other night it just contains hackshield and a single map change. It's the 'security' patch that was postponed to monday.

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    Nevermind, people already asked.

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    Hacksheild and a map change.

    EDIT: Noob Sarah is noob. I asked and planned to post, but ninja'd.
    Last edited by Erich; 2009-04-24 at 07:40 PM.

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    That's what you get for trying to pass others information off as your own you fraud!

    edit: not only that but you edited and left shield spelled wrong.

  10. King Father Unbanned
    IGN: Pendellin
    Server: Scania
    Level: 1XX
    Job: CB/Shad
    Guild: ZpykeKanyon


    Okay, so what is the map change?

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    I didnt try to, I asked you first and then saw that their was this post. :(


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    Anyway, the patch was up on Wednesday, and then got taken down a bit later. Not sure if it was because they were moving stuff around or not, because it was on the http when I downloaded the patch, then I got a 404 when trying again later, and it's back there again:

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    What skill rebalance? ;-;

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    The skill changes that KMS got a little while ago. I can't cite them all but it's stuff like Big Bang going to 1 second, Chain Lightning chain damage increases, etc. Not just for magicians, though.

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    We're just the only class that matters, right?

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    Anyways, fackshield here we come.
    (I am a i/l. but he is still banned)

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    very true

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    There are actually two versions of the patch.

    One was the original (v.69a) uploaded by Nexon on the set date they were supposed to patch. However, when they post-poned, they immediately removed the first version of the patch. The first version had an item modified/changed and included HackShield.

    The v.69b was uploaded last night which includes nothing new but HackShield (compared to v.69a). There will be another patch before the anniversary since nothing else was added. Quests, items and whatnot are needed to celebrate the anniversary.

    Also note that there really is not v.69a or v.69b. They're both flagged as v.69 by Nexon. I simply made it easier for you to understand.



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