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  1. Default Bans, Sorted & by World

    Did this because Nexon's format is annoying and unreadable. This isn't much better, but at least it's alphabetical and makes it easier to look for those special people near and dear to your heart. I placed everyone who was over level 100 by their World, and shoved everyone else in the "Too low to care" bucket.

    4/3 to 4/13

    4/14/09 to 4/19/09

    4/20/09 to 4/26/09

    4/27/09 to 5/3/09
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  2. Default

    7asdeasd........infamous for Himes botting!

  3. Default

    i wonder why sirdcs isnt on that list ;o

  4. Default

    Hopefully it's not because they only gave him a 7 day ban and he'll be right back.

  5. Default

    those lists are way way way too short...........

  6. Harrisonized


    Could you make this one row?

  7. Default

    YES! ErgothDK got perma'd! Had a grudge against him ever since he bought the first Chelbird in Bello (I had the second, a few months later, once people started HT'ing). I caught him with HT hackers recently and was keeping an eye on him. Gwarrior was also known by me.

    Btw, how do you know level/world if they are no longer on ranks?

  8. Default

    could, but defeats the point of specifically widening it so it can be read left to right. I dislike straight vertical name lists - all that wasted space apalls me.

    It's called a database. Just because they're not visible today doesn't mean anything. They were visible at some point, and the value of a database is being able to look at specific points in time for temporally bound data.

  9. Harrisonized


    Then why are there so many unknowns?

  10. Default

    Because as I've said over and over, I only look at people who are 100+.

    I don't care about the rest of GMS because over 80% of them are going to quit before that point, or never intend to get to that point.

    Hence explitly stating: I placed everyone who was over level 100 by their World, and shoved everyone else in Unknown, which is also synonymous with "I don't care".
    It's not worth my time or resources to wade through millions of records for the few thousand that will ever do anything of interest.

  11. Harrisonized


    Sorry. I thought you just didn't know because you wrote "unknown". Maybe if you used a different title such as "unchecked" or "not going to bother", there'd be less confusion.

  12. Default

    Or people could just... read.

  13. Water
    IGN: Fumni/AcerSavita
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 16X
    Job: Ketchup
    Guild: Resonance
    Alliance: Everybody Leeches


    I might have a theory on why some players that we know have been banned didn't show up on the list.

    I heard a rumor (unconfirmed) that one of our most infamous HT hackers in Mardia was only banned for 250 years (yes, that's not a typo.)

    Although I can't even fathom why Nexon would want to do something like that, if it is true, and Nexon is only compiling a list of permanently banned hackers, as oppose to the hackers banned with an expiring date, they could be excluded from the list.

    Again, 100% speculation at this point, so don't take any of this as the gospel.

  14. Default

    Ah, sorry - didn't know you had such a thing. Makes sense.

  15. Default

    I heard that too, but the entirety of it was that there "is no such thing as a permaban" and that to work around it they do a 250 year ban.

  16. Default

    well, the day he got banned, he loged, stayed on for 5-10min, loged off, 1 hour later he was off-ranking, i ask doexz, doexz say he got perma ban

    i wonder if his friend deleted and stole all his equips lol

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    Wow, this is a lot easier to look at. I think Nexon just makes it in the big list format to make it look like a lot.

  18. Default

    Nice list eos367! I hope some of the people I still see on rankings are gonna get permabanned that are well known hackers. I still see some on there. Lol @ 250 year ban. I guess they get reduced "jail time" with "good behavior"?

  19. Default

    Only IGN in Bera I'm familiar with is Bishop2oo8.

    I noticed that the list doesn't include Shinedark and HeroicPriest of Bera. Guess there's still hope for them :D



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