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  1. Default Returning & rebuilding Night Lord's gear.

    It's been forever and a year since I've actively played.

    My current set, or most of whats left (which is nearly all but 2-3 pieces) was back when Secondaries were required and shortly after Potential first came out.

    To save personal time/effort I'm not going to SS and hackjob a picture together, instead I'll just list it all in a spoiler.


    As you can see, my current gear is garbage at best by today's standards but still enough to get by. I'm not currently using the cHTP, Gollux Ring, or Raven Horn Metal Fist.

    My Traits are rather poor as well (32 Ambition, 6 Empathy, 21 Insight, 21 Willpower, 15 Diligence, 24 Charm).

    I do not have the Pocket Slot or Second Pendant unlocked.

    Currently I'm not in a position to be able to use much NX.

    Right now I've started (~3 days total) with Gollux Easy and Sweetwater Voyages to help gain some funding and access to some potent gear. If I get time I try and double run Normal Horntail and Chaos Zakum for some exp.

    Basically I'm looking for insight on some "easy" increases to my range (Currently 65.1~76.6k unbuffed without Metal Fist / Gollux Ring hitting around 700k~1.1m per line with Quad Throw. cZak Solos approx 12-14 minutes with Stew).
    My first target will probably be a 7% LUK Sweetwater Tattoo to replace my severely outdated and underpowered Tree Branch. As well as trying to find a half decent Death Sender Charm (I'm talking like 6-9% LUK, which is a mile better than the crap potential on my current one).

    Any refreshers on what (potentially profitable a plus) daily activities would be best for "free" improvements to my gear would be greatly appreciated as I'm super outdated on Maple now.

  2. Default Re: Returning & rebuilding Night Lord's gear.

    Gollux and Commerci trade runs. Perhaps some of the newer addition, but I have not played in months, so I can't say much about those.

    Just have a clear picture of your aim and why you play. You will never reach the high tier bossing level without serious NX investment, it simply cannot be done in a legitimate fashion.

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    Default Re: Returning & rebuilding Night Lord's gear.

    As for equipment:
    1.Before the events are over, get the bounty hunter medal (7 all stat, 7 attack) if you're already 151+ (if not, then get there) you can get the Hiezan one (9 all 3 att) very easily to hold you off on having a crappy medal :P

    2.Get reinforced gollux set, superior ring, and a tyrant cape. Scroll the gollux yourself.

    3.Get 3 piece RA, claw is probably too expensive, so hold off on that for now.

    4.Get an empress shoulder, then aim for getting 4 set emp by replacing either your shoe or glove (I highly suggest shoe as it's duped) and wearing the garbage emp claw.

    5.If you have the willpower, get a Princess No secondary. But since that's probably a crapshoot full of disappointment, get an EVO World secondary yourself for 2 extra attack.

    6.Complete Boat Quay Town's questline to get a shiny new badge (5 all 3 att) that can get potential.

    7.Get the gold emblem, it's really not that hard.

    8.Get the Leafre codex set.

    9.Work on getting sweetwater accessories, slowly but surely.

    10. Whenever you feel you're ready, challenge ranked dojo for some nice gloves.

    Misc things you can do to help your damage:
    Make sure you've added to your hyper skills.

    GET LINK SKILLS. This is the single most important free way to get damage, and only requires getting characters to 120 for level 2. You can only have 12, though. The 3 you MUST have are Demon Avenger, Kanna (both 10% dmg) and Xenon (10% all stat). But even before that, get mercedes, since you'll be training up quite a lot of characters(15% bonus exp) and a free teleport to Victoria to use the pantheon portal is always nice. If you boss a lot, Demon Slayer is a must as well(15% boss dmg). Since I'm a crit junkie, I'll suggest getting Phantom(15% crit rate) and Beast Tamer(4% HP/MP, 7% boss, 7% crit). Luminous is very easy to train, so get that, too(15% PDR). If you feel you're dying a lot, get Zero(10% PDR and 15% less dmg taken - not applicable to %HP attacks) and cannoneer(25 all, 10% HP/MP) and perhaps kaiser(15% HP). Hayato has only level 1, so you only need to get it to 70 for a small boost of 10 all and 5 att(but I suggest getting it to 100 for its character card, which I'll explain soon.
    Other links I haven't mentioned:
    Mihile: 100% stance for 110 seconds, cooldown of 180 seconds
    Angelic Buster: +45% dmg for 10 seconds, cooldown of 90 seconds
    Jett: varies wildy, but lowest is 3 all 2 att, and they just got revamped
    Cygnus Knights: with their revamp, they all got the same link skill of 5% status resistance, and the 3 that are released stack

    Play with Character Cards. Look around the character select page to find it. The only other characters I suggest you make for their S rank card (level 100) are mechanic(15% buff duration), marksman(3% crit rate) and Shade(3% minimum and maximum crit dmg). The sets I would suggest are:
    Hayato, Demon Avenger, Warrior of choice
    Xenon, mechanic, shade
    Kanna, mercedes, marksman

    Mine and herb as they are the only way to raise insight and empathy
    Gollux, Commerci, normal Root Abyss, Ranmaru, and Hilla are bosses you should be able to add daily.
    But the easiest way to keep yourself occupied is to find a guild

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    Do daily Hilla to get a 20 soul fragments. Use 10 to get one Hilla soul (20 for 2) and pick the better one. This would take several days. Then as you grind and farm, hope for a soul enchanter that would pass and convert your weapon into a soul weapon. Without the soul your weapon gets 10 WA after it is charged up (quite fast) for being a soul weapon itself (death or unequipping loses the charges entirely). A Hilla soul weapon gets you 20 WA. If you can do VL then even better because it gives better soul bonuses and the full charge is more than 20 WA (or does it? I thought I saw +24WA/+24MA before...?).

    You have good equipment to start off, so focus on getting the low-lying fruits first (e.g. the Gold Leaf Emblem), then get the reinforced set and the Sweetwater accessories, then the Fafnir set (all 4 pieces, don't get Sweetwater claw). Your Evolving Rings should go, plus the badge (Colossus is closed for now) and the medal, and the Branch. Also, try to get % Att on your Emblem and Secondary.

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    Default Re: Returning & rebuilding Night Lord's gear.

    Oh, and work on inner ability, it's basically free if you're already a high enough level.

  6. Default Re: Returning & rebuilding Night Lord's gear.

    Thank you all for the insightful replies :)

    NX Investment will be possible in time, just currently removing myself from my debts is more important.

    Replies in bold

    I've accumulated one Hilla shard and one Zakum shard. And Colossus is very much still open. I just did 10 runs shortly before/after making this thread for a bit of easy cash.

    RNGesus hates me, I've used all my Honor that was present when logging in and I'm at Epic with nothing special.

    Edit: As an update since my initial posting.

    Got 3pc Root Abyss, all clean with nothing special for potential but still trumped my Pirate set + Scarlion hat.

    Got a still crap, but not as crap Secondary Weapon (12 att 4% crit potential).

    Picked up a 10 attack perm Android heart thing.

    Completely forgot to continue my Explorer Book for the Gold Emblem.

    Found a 6% LUK Tempest ring for 35m, didn't even hesitate to buy it.

    Sold my HTP and the Gollux Ring (made ~100m profit on the ring).

    Used the money from above to buy the aforementioned RA set as well as a +5 Reinforced Pendant (Unhammered, crap pot) and a Reinforced Ring +2 (2 slots, unhammered, crap pot) to make 2pc and 3pc set effects.

    Kept holding off on Sweetwater Face/Eye as they only appeared to be minimal increases with just 7% LUK... Then I noticed today that they have a set bonus, and the chunk of stats and 20 attack would definitely make it worth while.

    My new unbuffed range is 86,573~101,851. Around a 33% increase in under a week. Making way... Who knows, maybe I'll stick around enough to join the 2m~2m club.
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