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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Using MW To Equip Items

    Does it seriously DC you if you use MW to equip items and you get dispelled?

    I know that at one point in Maple history, it did in fact DC you. However, I'm not so sure if it was ever fixed, and now seeing this:
    I have some doubts.

    Someone please either confirm that or provide evidence otherwise. I need to know whether or not to continue with my Luk adding so I can eventually wear the 163 staves.

  2. Default

    I don't know if it still DC's you, but I still believe it is a bad idea, because it means an extra buff you have to cast every time you get dispelled, during which you can't do anything. Very annoying against bosses that dispel a lot

    Especially since you're a mage and need to re-MG. Two buffs before you're able to attack again = fail.

    Finally, it's aesthetically unappealing to me. Sorry if no one else feels this way, lol.

    I know my post doesn't answer your question at all, sorry.

  3. Default

    It'll d/c you if you're in the middle of an attack.

  4. Harrisonized


    I tested it out. I took off my HTP and my Shield which brought my luk to 101.

    When I used Meteo, then clicked off MW, I didn't dc, but my staff disappeared after the animation.

    Therefore, the two above me are either giving me inaccurate data or they're just ignorant of the situation. Someone who has EXPERIENCE with this style of equipment please tell me.
    MW is usually one of the first skills replenished at a boss that requires a party to down. Otherwise, usually dispel doesn't come twice in a row.
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  5. Default

    Harrison, the two above you are reputable members of SouthPerry and to insult them so is ignorant on your part. There are better people on this forum for you to call ignorant, save those comments for them, lol. I dont think that they gave you inaccurate data or are ignorant on the situation but rather, something you're missing on your end. You tested this a grand total of ONCE (or so it would seem). If you went to aqua, swam upwards, and hit a monster and didnt dc, would you call everyone who insists that aqua dcs exist as "misinformed and ignorant"?

    Likewise, when you do a scientific experiment, do you only do it once? If an albino owl hatched out of an owl egg in the one time that you tried it, will you say that all owl eggs produce albino owls and that everyone else is ignorant?

    Try testing multiple times, till you give up because you cant see it any other way.

    I dont know if it's been fixed or not, but I remember that back in Tespia wave 2 I think, when I went pap, I dc'd cause I needed MW to use a metus and got dispelled by pap. I got dispelled multiple times, but it was only on the 3rd or 4th dispel that it happened. Perhaps you arent timing it right, or it requires an actual dispel for it to happen. Try going to sharks and continously test it out till something happens.

    Till you do something like that, calling them ignorant based on one "failed" attempt is ignorant in itself.

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    You cast a Meteor. Then you took off your wand. There's no reason to disconnect you because you're not trying to attack without a weapon and succeeding. You've already attacked.

    One of the particular things about it is you have to be about to execute an attack. It's much more prone to occur if you're spamming, like at a boss and you're suddenly dispelled in the middle of a fast attack. Most noteably, Bow Masters suffered frequently from this occurence with Hurricane. The best means of testing this would be to find a Bow Master who requires MW to wear his bow. Have him Hurricane some Sharks as they dispel him. If he doesn't d/c, go wild. I don't recall having ever heard that this bug was ever fixed though.

  7. Default

    There are different definitions of ignorance, one connotating offense and one plainly means they just don't know what's happening. I'm sure he meant ignorance as "they don't have real experience" as opposed to "they're idiots and are lying to me for shiggles."

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    Dispelling MW by yourself while you're attacking doesn't disconnect you, it merely makes you in "breathing" mode while you're weaponless. I dub it the breath h4x xD
    Can you do this?

    Being dispelled by a monster while you're attacking causes you to d/c. (tested with Stonetooth)

    My guess as to what's happening here is that the client detects that something went out of synch, so you automatically disconnect.
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  9. Default

    My friend tested with his MoN + Mw combo (instead of HTP) to equip Dragon Shiner Bow at Pap, he said it works fine.

  10. Harrisonized


    I didn't mean ignorant by stupid. I meant ignorant as in misinformed.
    Refer to this
    I didn't try it only with one skill. I tried it with a variety of skills and none of them DCed me.
    I know this glitch existed during tespia. Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked. I'm asking whether the glitch still exists today. It might seem not as I know a FP mage who uses a 165 staff with MW at pap. However, I'm still seeing reports from people that the DCing still occurs.
    That's very interesting. I never knew that it happened only after multiple times. Does anyone, perhaps, know the cause of what allows one to stay in game after being dispeled the first or second time?
    Good idea, except last night I honestly didn't feel like walking to aqua. >_>

    Also, going to sharks and intentionally making them dispel you is just asking for death...
    Again, I did not only have one test, I had multiple tests.
    Hmm... let's put the several scenarios side by side:
    1) I cast meteor
    2) I self dispel
    3) My meteor animation finishes
    4) My staff disappeared
    5) I did not DC.
    1) Something dispels me
    2) My staff disappears
    3) I cannot cast Meteo
    1) I cast meteor
    2) Something dispels me
    3) My meteor animation finishes
    4) My staff disappears
    5) I don't know whether or not I'd DC

    I don't see any possible way you can DC in Situations 1 and 2. I tested 1. 2 would mean you can't attack. It'll just give the pink message saying "you cannot attack with the weapon with the current stats".

    Thus 3 is the only way I can DC. However, based on what you wrote, "There's no reason to disconnect you because you're not trying to attack without a weapon and succeeding. You've already attacked." I wouldn't DC in situation 3 either.

    By logic, the fourth situation is if I attack exactly at the same time it's dispelling, which is what you mentioned next:
    The problem is though, that I don't know any bowmen that use MW to equip their bows. If the bowman uses hurricane, why couldn't he try DCing himself. Hurricane is fast enough that even self DC would work?

    Also, let's say I have 11 mw and a friend had 20 mw and uses 20 mw to equip his equip. Would my 11 mw DC him or would the DC only happen with a dispel?

    And in order for this to DC, people would have to be really precise to a millisecond? Or is there a generalization of the timer to count all events in x time the same time?
    I don't either. That's why I'm asking. I see people with 163 staves and everyone I know who uses one uses MW to equip it because otherwise they'd lose out on quite a bit of INT.

    By logic, why would they risk DCing just for a staff? They could just cap their LUK at 105 and deal with the weaker counterpart without the chance of DCing, or get a 130 lukless wand. Because of this, my logic is telling me that it's been fixed, but I can't be certain, which is why I still need to ask.
    That doesn't help, because it's not a hack.
    May I ask how long ago you tested it? Because this next post contradicts yours:
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    Well, archers almost never get dispelled at pap because they stay out of dispel's range.

  12. Default

    What about that situation?

    1) something dispels you (monster attacks are done server side)
    2) you lag a bit
    3) you hit Meteor
    4) you see yourself dispelled
    5) server receives Meteor when it thinks you have no weapon (thus damage range of 0~0)
    6) Disconnected for damage outside viable range, attacking without a weapon, whatever

  13. Harrisonized


    Hmm. I hadn't considered that. How about at Pianus, where you cannot possibly evade dispel? Would they switch to a lower weapon?
    That would be the above-mentioned, where the "timing" must be precise. O_o

    And honestly, I don't know. >_>

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    You are too serious. My friends laughed at it, why can't you? =( And no duh it's not a hack, I explained how to do it in a completely legal method. It also serves as a basic comparison, which helped to formulate my hypothesis as to why d/cing occurs. I mind as well add that since dispelling MW by yourself and using an attack will NEVER cause the desynching to happen since they are instant actions checked by the server.

    The d/c test with monsters was done on sharks. No SS proof for a fairly obvious reason.

    Tests are not current with GMS patch v.66. The picture I showed was v.65 I believe. Also, who's to say that person's friend's testimony isn't flawed? Good BMs that solo Pap stay out of its dispel and stun range, so chances are dispel may never hit that person, or if it does, that person might have set his priorities to actually be walking back instead of spamming arrows or some other attack.

    I trust this guy a lot more xD
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  15. Default

    My Bow Master friend confirmed to me that dispel doesn't disconnect him during Hurricane.

  16. Harrisonized


    I didn't see any humor in it... could you please explain whats so funny about it? I don't get the joke. =(

    So now I can disregard this:

  17. Default


  18. Harrisonized


    Can someone confirm for sure that MW does or doesn't DC you as of this patch?

  19. Default

    Confirms: MW equipped weapon + dispell does NOT dc anymore.
    Tried it on several paps, just had te recast mw after dispell. Also at HT's dispell i didn't dc. I think it's quite safe to say it's 100% fixed.

  20. Default

    As a warrior, I personally wouldn't want to rely on MW to use my weapon anyways, since what if there's some deadly attack I wanted to avoid using Rush? MW has such a long casting time...

    But I suppose the MW users can rejoice xD



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