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Thread: [Scania] +10 Black Oriental Fury Coat

  1. Harrisonized

    Default +10 Black Oriental Fury Coat

    I'm willing to give this:

    And a sum of money for a +10 Black Oriental Fury Coat

    What do I mean by +10? It means all 10 slots must be used. The overall you see in the screenshot is +9. I want a +10, cuz I'm a bit OCD about these kinds of things.

    The only requirement is that it must have the same or more total stats. My overall is 24int 4luk. That means that the INT + LUK combined of this "+10" Fury Coat must be 28 stats or higher.

    I don't care how you make your overall +10, whether it's with 4 30%s and 6 100%s or all 70%s or what not, as long as it fits the requirement, we can settle a deal.

    The sum of money mentioned above depends on the stats of your item. I'm going to go ahead and say that I'll give that overall +100m if you have 28 stats, maybe 125m if 29 stats, ect.

    I don't know how much yet but that's merely a starting deal to fit the requirement that we need a "price" on SW and thus to not have this thread closed. If you have an overall, please feel free to negotiate an amount.

    I will be checking this thread daily.

  2. Default

    Good luck... I don't think Black Orientals are scrolled much and plus your tagged overall highly drops the value of your item.

  3. Harrisonized


    Rofl. Never mind. I bought a 20% clean slate and it worked, so I'm 100%ing my overall now with def.

    Hmm, ended up dex scrolling it...
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  4. Default

    Just wondering,
    did you wanted all the slots to be used up so you can lock it and if you get hacked they wont clean slate it with like a 1%
    and end up destorying the item?

  5. Default

    I have a question: Why did you use a 100% for overall dex for it rather than a 60% for INT?

  6. Harrisonized


    If I failed the 60% scroll, I'd go through the whole cycle again of having the temptation to clean slate again, in which it would possibly break and I'd end up with nothing.



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