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    Simple question

    Can you wire something to someone if they have you blacklisted? What if you can't? Does the item just disappear?

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    Off-topic - Jesus, what time is it for you?

    On-topic - I'm pretty sure you can still send them something, and they can receive. Try and blacklist someone and send them something, if it automatically tells you you can't, then well you cant.

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    Sorry about asking a n00b question here, but, whats the purpose of the blacklist? As in, how does it affect u and the guy u blacklisted?

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    Just prevent people to chat and whisper you.

  5. Harrisonized


    I live in PST and it's 2:04am right now.
    Well, see, today I was testing out the blacklist. What happened was I told a guildie and buddy to blacklist me and then after I asked whether or not she could read my comments. She could neither read it in guild chat nor buddy chat. Then I blacklisted her and the same happened, I could not read anything she wrote. However, I could still read things she wrote in the guild BBS.

    Anyways, I'm not going to try because it takes 24 hours for Duey and really I'm in no hurry, plus it's faster just asking as I'm sure someone has tried it before. What I wanted was to send something to someone who possibly blacklisted me, but then if I send it and it doesn't work, that means the item will... forever be lost. And no, Duey should not block you from sending the package. After all, it doesn't block you from sending packages to non-existent IGNs, why should it block you sending to someone who had blacklisted you?

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    Ohhhh I totally read your question wrong my bad.
    Ok, well test it out and when it's done, inform us xD



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