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  1. Default Escort mission through the Phantomwood forest

    Greetings all! I would describe this forum game as one part choose your own adventure and one part "Protect the Beginner" type of quest that used to happen in GMS a long time ago. The Beginner character will be controlled partly based on RNG and the parties job is to reach the Valley of heroes. If the Beginner dies, then the quest is failed. No matter what happens, if the Beginner survives then the quest is won! (and anyone that didn't make it gets brought back to life)

    Here are the rules:
    The party needs to pass through 5 dangerous areas to reach the end.
    Upon entering a dangerous area, I will describe what is there and what action the Beginner will take. (partly based on RNG)
    After this step, each player can choose an action among these 4 choices
    1 Try to clear a path (attack the mobs)
    2. Try a skill to distract the mobs
    3. Use self as a decoy to try and lead mobs away
    4. Just keep running

    Depending on the character, there is a chance to survive any of the 4 actions.

    After each area is described, party members have about 24 hours to pick an action. If a player doesn't choose before time runs out then the character will auto follow behind the Beginner for that area. (the result is slightly different then what would happen from choosing the 4th action)
    Each party member only needs to pick one action per area.

    Once the actions are chosen and enough time has passed, I will post what happens and if the party survives then the quest can continue to the next area.
    The path is only based on the Phantom forest so the mobs do not always completely block the way forward.
    There is some RNG involved.

    How to join:
    First choose a job and a good name.
    There are 2 ways of how to roll for your character.
    1) Using RNG (or dice) you can roll for your own stats as many times as you would like but the final score can never go above a 4.
    2) You may elect to have me roll the character stats. This method can score as high as a 6 but as low as a 1. I would roll 3 times for the character and then take the best among them.

    Dice results:
    1 = level 40 character
    2 = level 50
    3 = level 60
    4 = level 70
    5 = level 80
    6 = level 100

    The quest takes place when 3rd job was at level 70.
    While individual skills are not usable, character job, level and skills do factor into how the game proceeds and has a big impact on survivability.

    Sign up form:
    Character name:
    Character level: (leave blank if you want me to roll for the character)
    Job: (Warrior, Mage, Thief, Archer or Pirate)
    You may pick a specific job once the game begins.

    I think I covered everything, got questions? Ask away!
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