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Thread: Mts?

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Mts?

    I just found this on Basilmarket:
    Is it true? I use MTS a LOT so I want to know whether or not it's happened to people who use SP.

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    Never happened to me, at least not noticeably.

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    This is troubling since I have so much stuff in my MTS I just put everything on sale after one week is up >_>.

    But this is the first I have heard of something like this, if more people start to talk about this, then we have a problem.

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    I bought something in the MTS, about 2 months after it had been out. It took my nx, but I never got the item. Logged 3 tickets about it. They asked what item, how much. They never compensated me.

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    I've heard about this since MTS came out, sometimes my friends' items would disappear but they didn't recieve the NX. To my knowledge, it's not often that it happens but it does.

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    Yea I've had a similar experience with MTS compensation. I lost the NX but never gained the actual item. I opened a ticket and never got a response, and this was three MONTHS ago.

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    Back in the first few months of MTS, i heard tons of stories about it taking your item and not giving you the nx for it. To be honest, i had assumed that the problem was fixed

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    You're new to Global, aren't you....

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    i already lost some items in mts... but just cheap items. it's not often that it happens but it does..

    and i have friends who lost some items too, good items like pacs, scgs, scrolled weapons and crap items, ores, nub gear...

    you cant trust 100% in MTS

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    i lost once 30 orbis tower scrolls...nothing important...i filed a ticket...nothing but i dont really care seems its really rare cause i used it all the time non stop.

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    Its True, from the guy who lost his 18 LUK Sauna.

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    I've never had it happen to me and I use MTS a lot (50 pages of sales - maybe 60 if I count all my mules & stuff from my old world too).

    I also don't know anyone personally that it happened to. (Meaning sure I've seen a few posts on the forum but since I don't know them I'm not sure that it really happened that way. Maybe they accidently priced the item wrong and it sold, maybe it's in their transfer inventory and it's only showing the 1st 50 items, maybe the deleted their char and now it's innassable, maybe they stuck it in on a different char and now can't find it on their other char, etc...)
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    i use it all the time and have yet to come across any problems. knock on wood.

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    i lost a black ragged cape in there =( mts ate it



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