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Thread: My Computer

  1. Harrisonized

    Default My Computer

    Whenever I try clicking My Computer, I get this:

    for 30 seconds (and it's always exactly 30 seconds) before anything shows up.

    Any idea how to fix it? It's been bothering me for a very long time now.

  2. Default

    When is the last time you defragged? Also try running virus/spyware scanners to clean out your PC.

  3. Default

    It means your computer is loading. How much RAM/disk space do you have?

    You should run a defrag/virus/spyware scan as the above poster suggested. If that doesn't work, format.

  4. Default

    Try to free up some space on your hard drive and defrag your computer

  5. Harrisonized


    I defragged my comp 6 times today using the disk defragmented from Accessory menu ~> System tools (Until the point that all the blue lines form a nice blue rectangle at the left side).
    Then I ran CCleanup about 10 times (Making sure that nothing was left).
    And then ran my comp twice for viruses, using full system scan. (using LavaSoft's AdAware SE trial version 2007 and no viruses were found).

    That picture was taken after I finished doing all of the above, and restarted my computer. I thought doing the above mentioned (which I did upon seeing the other thread about speeding up your computer) would help but apparently it didn't.

    RAM? Um, I have 576 MB of RAM...
    My comp is AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.66 GHz (Using Window's XP)

    44.25 GB free space out of 76.69 GB on C Drive (According to Disk Defragger)
    And 260 GB free space out of 298 GB on F Drive (According to Disk Defragger)

    Edit: I scanned it again now using Adaware Free 2008 version 0081.0000 and it still does that. (And I didn't find any viruses with this version either. Only privacy objects).
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  6. Harrisonized



    Doesn't work. =/

    Crap, no Automerge doubleposts. D:
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  7. Default

    The processor is quite old and you don't have a lot of RAM, which is probably why you've been experiencing this, unless this is a recent problem.

  8. Harrisonized


    Initially, when I bought the computer, I didn't have this problem. The problem isn't recent; it started happening about a year after I bought the computer, which is about two years ago.

    Sometimes it does the search thing and sometimes it doesn't, but it does freeze there more often than it doesn't. About three months ago, it didn't do the search thing for a brief period of time (for a longer period of time than usual). However, after that, if it goes back to its original state, the condition appears one or two days later. For example, it goes back to the 'fixed' state one day spontaneously, then the next, it does the searching again for about a week, and then it'll go back to the 'fixed' state and so on.
    I can't figure out what spontaneously stops this from happening. =/

    And your point raises a question. How much is a decent amount of RAM? I still have more than half of C drive empty and so much more with F drive. 0.o
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  9. Default

    It's time to upgrade your hardware.

    Nowadays, 2GB of RAM is considered decent.

  10. Default

    That's odd... I know your hardware isn't exactly "the greatest", but my hardware is similar and I don't get that problem

  11. Default

    Judging from your post, did you say you used LavaSoft's AdAware SE trial version 2007 for virus scanning?

    I don't believe it suits for virus protection, just Spyware / Adware protection.

    If I'm wrong, my apologies.

  12. Default

    You are correct

    AdAware doesn't detect and remove viruses

  13. Default

    It might not be the processor or the memory at all, but rather the actual hard drive. The hard drive itself becomes worn down after continual spinning, heating, or if it's just poorly made resulting in slower load up speeds. You can take it to a shop and ask them what the problem is.

  14. Harrisonized


    Yes, I did use LavaSoft's AdAware SE trial version 2007 when I posted this, but then I uninstalled it and installed AdAware 2008. It didn't find anything either.
    Wait. So AdAware is useless? It has found viruses before though. I usually track the location and delete it myself if anything appears. (Even if it gives a registry key).

    (And I have tried a variety of free antivirus programs. In the past, when experimenting with them, I downloaded five at the same time, and Antivirus seemed the best because it found the most programs.) AVG, which is mentioned above, was one of the antiviral programs I have tried. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a Antivirus program then?
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  15. Default

    Registry keys aren't viruses. Ad-Aware looks for spyware, not trojans or viruses or keyloggers. Kaspersky is a good antivirus program.

  16. Peanuts
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    Agreed. Kaspersky is awesome. The only problem is that you have to pay for it. If you're stuck using Free Antivirus programs, get AVG or Avast. They function best for their price.

    How much RAM are you using at standstill? If you don't know how to see, fire up Task manager and look at the bottom, where it'll give a percentage on how much RAM is used. If you're using more than 50%, I suggest upgrading.

  17. Harrisonized


    Well, I've tried both Avast and AVG before. Didn't like it much.
    The ram I'm using usually fluxuates around 2%~20%.
    If I click a link or copy files or anything, it quickly hits 100% and then reduces back to 2%~20%.
    Quickly as in only lasts 1 or 2 seconds.

  18. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
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    That doesn't seem to be too much of RAM usage so I'm a bit confused about the problem as well. Since I don't have any definite solutions, I'll give you some suggestions on what next to try.

    1. Download either the NOD32 or Kaspersky Free Trials, and disable AdAware for the time being. Update the Virus Definition of the one you chose to download, and reboot your computer. During the boot screen, get into Safe Mode (the screen should tell you what button to free. Might be F8 or F2) Once in safe mode, fire up the Anti Virus program and get cracking. Hopefully, you'll find something that might be causing you the trouble.

    2. One by one, start disabling certain programs from startup. You can do this by downloading WinPatrol or just clicking 'Start' > 'Run' > and typing 'msconfig.exe'. Navigate to the 'Services' tab and start disabling the programs you have. Just make sure you don't disable any drivers or anything important like that.

    3. This is a bit drastic. Backup everything you have on an external drive, and reformat/reinstall windows. Then get into your backup folder and only take out the files that you absolutely need.

    4. If it comes down to it, consider buying another stick of RAM. It's a great thing that RAM is cheap nowadays. You can probably get a 1G stick for $30.

  19. Harrisonized



    AdAware finishes in 30 minutes. This thing lags my computer like crazy and tells me that it'll take until tomorrow to finish? -_-"

  20. Neutron
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    Y'know, there's lots of things that slow a computer down other than viruses and the such. Installing fonts, image galleries, etc.
    Most of the times, simple things like those come with programs so commonly used like Word, and normally they wouldn't do a thing, but when a computer's a bit too crappy, it's sensitive to even the slightest things. Also (for some reason), the version of programs can be too heavy on the system even if you aren't using them, and can add in. Again, these things normally don't do a damn thing, but when you're computer phails (like mine :D) any little minor thing can make it so slow. >.<
    And yes, I have this too. When I format my computer, it's fine until I install my frequently used programs and then I get that horrible flashlight from hell. I haaaaaate that thing. I consider it the symbol of ultimate lag. T.T




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