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  1. Default How to make money without using NX. Is it still possible?

    I have to break it to you: I have no idea how the economy works in this game, which is not good. Can anyone share any of their methods for making money, or point me to some good guides on the subject?

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    Taking advantage of events is my primary method of making money without NX. Evolving Ring event out? Get 10+ of them and sell them for nearly 200m each a few months later.

    New Pirate event for free book? Sell the book while desperate people are still scrambling to get them while Mastery Books aren't exchangeable yet.

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    these book events are the best way to get mesos lol but w/o a shop ur gonna have a hard time selling them though

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    You can also try collecting Gallant Emblems and crafting Rising Sun stuff, but I'm not sure how effective that'd be since the Marvel machine appears to give them out like candy.

    But yes, events are typically the best way to make money. Other people like to take chances with Mystery Mastery Books which can be very profitable when you get a book for a new class or Maple Warrior. At the same time, it can be a massive waste of time if you end up getting mastery books for say, Paladins, Marksmen or Wild Hunters.

    Such is life in Mother Russia.

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    Without NX or without money in general? If you have a paypal, and 10-12 dollars aside, you can probably find a meso seller for about 1b for that price. For about 110-120m you can have someone gift you the 1.8k NX 90-day personal shop. After that you should have around 870-880m left over. This is where it get's important.

    You have enough money to start merching pretty decently for now. In my personal experience, I have found chairs to be a pretty good source of merching, due to the fact that every time chair gachapon comes around chair prices seem to go down (unless it's a brand new chair). Take the Nautilus chair for instance. In Khaini, it's worth about 350-450m. If you can get one for 300 or even a bit more than that, you can make a quick profit pretty fast. It may not seem like much, but 20,000,000 mesos. It all adds up. If you do choose this method, make sure you are 100% current on prices because nothing sucks more than buying a chair and selling it for near the price you bought it at. You would be surprised at how low some prices are for chairs - I found a Maple Tree Chair for 2m and I bought it and turned it around for 9m to some guy walking around in Henesys. Quick profit, and small things like that don't usually require a shop anyways.

    Now, we'll look at events. These are probably the bests and most fail-proof ways to get mesos due to the fact that most of them are free. As the person said above me, the evolving ring event. Get one on every character, wait a bit, and boom you sell them each for a VERY good profit. Spend nothing, get a lot. Also, etc. drops are usually a good source of income too, but it really depends on the item. A while back, during the Legends events, those Maple leaves were around 7-10k a pop. They aren't hard to get at all, yet they can fetch 100k for just 10 of them, and 1m for 100 of them. Collect 1000? You just made 10m my friend. For doing what? Training the way you normally would. For me this is a personal preference, but I always like to have a low leveled character on the side for easy event farming. Get him some decent equips and stay at a low level place like Golems (the weakest ones) and just farm farm farm. You would be very surprised with what you can get.
    (MapleTip: Big Spider familiar increases drop rate!)

    Another somewhat decent way to make money is scrolls. Now you gotta watch out for certain ones of course. Most scrolls are pretty worthless and not really worth your time, but always keep prices in the back of your head just in case you catch a deal on the more insignificant ones. The ones I usually try to buy are white scrolls, which cost around 200-250m right now. I always focus on the low-end price due to the fact that I'm really impatient, but whatever floats your boat. I tend to offer lower than what I want to pay, so I usually ask around 140m for them. I will go over tips on getting your prices in a bit. About 60-70% of the people I find selling me White Scrolls (or just any scrolls in general) are usually newbies/n00bz who just came across it randomly, and usually don't know the value, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a good deal. White scrolls for 160m ea? Buy all of them and sell them for 190 or 200m and make a decent profit.

    Now you also gotta make sure you get the price your aiming for. Now, I know some people are n00bs or even newbies Dx but in this game, you won't get anywhere being nice to some dude just because he's level 20 or new to the game. I KNOW IT FEELS RUDE AND DOUCHEBAGGERY but... you gotta make money, and you aren't gonna do it overpaying some kid.

    When your in a conversation, always talk with respect towards them (even if they are a noob) and in complete sentences. I have read some guides that try to rush the other person, but that doesn't usually seem to work in my oppinion. Just be nice to them, but DONT SHOW ANY WEAKNESS. This is really hard to explain, but "assert your authority". Make sure they know that your the "bigger person" if you will and your not gonna deal with their crap... if that makes any sense. Make yourself superior, of course, but don't be a douche about it either.

    DON'T EVER do what I call "cave in" and just buy for their price. If the price is too ridiculous, just back out. If someone is stuck on the price 180m for a WS and you want it for 170, just let them know that that's your price and that's what your sticking to. Don't give some BS story about how you need to conserve or save for pots (like I used to do) because it just lets them in that your trying to get a good deal off of them. Make sure you don't leave the trade, (unless they're afk for like a year), unless you obviously don't want the item. I say this because then you will know that that is their dead on lowest price and they aren't gonna budge, and not trying to exploit you for more money. If they leave, I recommend trade them again and still ask for your price, sometimes you never know, people budge. My friend was selling me a 30 atk 9% LUK mask for 70 dollars, and I kept asking on and on for 65 so I could buy 5k NX and he still said no. Then I said fine I'm not buying it and he immediately went down to 65, and I still said know and he went down to 60. (Still didn't buy it) This is a real example that happened to me and it just goes to show that IT IS POSSIBLE AND CAN HAPPEN. What do you have to lose trading them again? Nothing. 30 seconds if they don't accept?

    Always write down prices ON HOT ITEMS. Don't worry if it's overpriced, just write it down anyways. Then you will have a good range at what things sell for anyways. Also note down if the item sold or not.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm a horrible merchant but these are just some skills I picked up over the last 7 years of this game. Good luck! Don't forget to use your shop. Once you get enough try and get a Mush Shop - it helps so much especially if you disconnect or other people need to use the computer a lot.

    I didn't go over equip merching (when you have 2b+) due to the fact I am so bad at it I would probably help you lose all your mesos. The only tip I have is buy the big ticket items that people are gonna buy. Godly crossbow? Who the hell is looking for a crossbow. New class coming out? Uses daggers? Buy a godly dagger, wait for the class to come out (or even the day before - seems to be a big spike in prices the day before a class comes out) and sell it for more than you got it.


    Also use resources - (Doesn't give viruses or KeyLoggers according to my IT friend),

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    Giving this website out like candy will only increase prices. Besides, since they updated layout and pomegranate, it doesn't seem to be working anymore anyway.

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    If you put the item name in first then pick the server it seems to work for me... but I agree with you for some reason I sometimes can't find the item. Outdated Dx

    Just use basil!

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    If you don't feel like shelling out like $5 just to get a store permit, you can do the surveys on the site to get enough NX credit for one.
    Crafting belts is also a good source of income. I know that in GAZED, 6% belts are 75m+.

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    They haven't updated for a few days now in my server, can't go past few pages etc etc.

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    It might be hard without nx, but without 1,8k nx its not hard at all.

    A few things you could start on would be familiars, potential drops or like other people mentioned, renegade shop items. The most valueable books in the shop right now would be phantom books, now you can only buy 3 random books for each class but if you get stuff like cane expert, aria armor 30 and impeccable memory (20 or 30) you can easily make a decent amount of money. Easiest way to obtain these coins would be hard + normal dojo & pq 3 times daily. You could also go to blood reindeers and stack up reindeers spears when there is 2x drop event, a bundle of 200 would sell for easily 60-70m in my server.

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    If you're patient, follow the good advice in this thread, you can eventually make a modest sum in MS without spending a dime.

    Don't forget, every once in a while, MS gives maple points to players for events (e.g. Maple Big Wigs) or when they stuff up big time and feel like they should compensate players (e.g. for excessive downtimes). In my history of playing MS, I'd say I would've accumulated about $20 worth of maple points. That can help you buy a shop permit to start merchanting.

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    I'm really surprised no one's mentioned Monster Park yet. Save the ticket stubs and/or buy 5 a day. Get a drop boosting familiar! The one I like to go to is the 120+ El Nath one (Dead Tree or something? whatever. first option) because this place drops thief tops (male), thief bottom (female), bowman overall (female), and warrior bottoms (male). I've actually gotten some good %stat ones. Best I got was a 6% epic bowman overall which sold pretty nicely. Because this is the only stage I do, I save all the equips to fuse later.

    Another method I did was sell mithril plates for 1m to 2m a pop (people are seriously lazy). Another method also is farming wisdom/luk/lidiums considering a single crystal fetches 3m, 2m, and 3m respectively. I also farmed gold plates to craft the brown osfa top using smithing. Got one to two 3% luks and one epic 6% luk doing that but it took a while. Last method I did was crafting the level 100 belts since most people stick to the level 40 ones. The 3% stat ones can fetch me 60m if the buyer is desperate but generally they're about 40m.

    Hope it helps.

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    MP is 60-95 and 135-165 and 160-200 now so that might not work now, though there are alot more mobs now.



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