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Thread: 70 Dual Blade.

  1. Default 70 Dual Blade.

    Where should i train?

    It should be a map that's not crowded and has no platforms, so i won't fall off when using Flying Assaulter.

    I can quite easily defeat enemies 20+ levels higher then me.

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    Default Re: 70 Dual Blade.

    sahel 2

  3. Default Re: 70 Dual Blade.

    Sunset Road: The Desert of Serenity

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    Omega Sector quests give amazing experience now, not to mention that the mobs are now roughly the same level as Nihal Desert's.

    It's a good alternative.

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    Unfortunately Omega quests don't really become accessible until 73+, and at that point the map I mentioned would beat it, plus it's right next to Roids and Homunculus once you're ready to train on those.

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    i liked mu lung straw and wood dummies.

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    I did TSpin at Iron Mutae until my friend told me about and doored me into Aliens.



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