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  1. Default Minimaps are offset on simple 1x

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    On any map that's larger than the size of window its name requires, the map gets drawn in the wrong spot.

    Images of problem

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    Default Re: Minimaps are offset on simple 1x

    Could this be due 800x600 res?
    I get this "bug" too. But none of my friends whose plays at high res doesn't get this problem.

  3. Default Re: Minimaps are offset on simple 1x

    I think it has to do with the mini-map normally scrolling on maps that are too large. That map probably barely misses some limit, so it prepares the mini-map to scroll but it doesn't need to because it's not actually big enough. Since 2x is enlarged it doesn't have this issue, and the other mode is just a screenshot so it doesn't either.

    The higher resolution mode probably gives more space for the map so that would explain why it doesn't have the issue either.

    Just my thought.



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