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  1. Default Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    Can you retrieve one box per world or one per account?
    Same question applies with the extra character slot.
    I'm considering making a Phantom on GAZED but I would still like the Raven Persona on my second Phantom in Windia (for the link skill)

  2. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
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    Default Re: Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    One box per account it seems, unless they screw something up.

    I have the same problem >.>; Why is everything in MS untradeable these days...

  3. Euro Minicar Straight Male
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    Default Re: Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    yea like how server check rollbacked my jett box, so now i have a useless char slot increase since im maxed out from so many free char slots

  4. Default Re: Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    So I think I just solved my problem ;D
    I wanted to make a Phantom for the GAZED phantom guild (seems promising) so I just made a new account that I'll make my phantom in El Nido on. This way, I'll get the box/hat on my Windia Phantom and a box/hat for my El Nido one. :)

  5. Proton Gay Male
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    Default Re: Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    When was the account made since there's this notice too on the official website:

  6. Default Re: Hot "day" Phantom boxes

    Yeah, I figured that was the case, haha. But I do have a second, older account linked to my email from a few years ago. So I'll just be using that one.



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