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  1. Default Jett information thread

    I'm surprised no one put up the new video yet(at least I haven't seen it that or I'm blind). Lets start a thread here that shows reveleled information and speculation based on what we see. Here is the updated 6/15 video of Jett that gives more information:


    Things noticed


    Things noticed


    Things noticed

    Discuss anything you see and post and findings you find.

  2. Default Re: Jett information thread

    Jett might be the only class that has ever made me depressed. Dragon Warrior at least made me laugh and say how stupid it is, Jett however broke me down into tears. It delayed good content patches that everyone was excited for and the videos are lacklustre. It makes me depressed and I don't even care about the class' existence especially since there's no data in the game to hype it up or expose it of its flaws.

    Anyway I didn't find out anything for the videos, nor do I think there is anything to find out. They're just videos to hype up the class and it has a poor execution.

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    Default Re: Jett information thread

    Actually I've run into this video twice already on SP.
    At least one of them in the thread that already exists for this topic.

    ProTip: when checking whether a youtube video has already been posted on SP, search for its youtube id. In this case, wSCwg5QeCK4

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    Default Re: Jett information thread

    Not sure if I care about Jett anymore.

  5. Default Re: Jett information thread

    While I do understand what your saying, Part of the allure of this class is that we really don't know anything. Nexon's done a good job keeping this very secretive. It gives people's imaginations more time to think and come up with both good and bad possibilites. Not knowing something can sometimes drive people crazy when they're used to knowing everything. I see alot of people don't get too excited for GMS patches anymore because it's so predictable of what's coming next, For the past couple patches its been blatant copy/pasting of KMS' data, with minor adjustments due to localization. This is the first time in a few years we've seen genuine mystery content from Nexon, And even if it is just a reskinned Dragon Warrior, it atleast let us have some fun speculating what could have been.

  6. Default Re: Jett information thread

    If Jett is shit it's because Nexon let it be shit.

    This job isn't that exciting. In fact, I don't know anyone who is excited for it (cue the fanboys). Why would they be excited? Like I said, all Jett did was have horrible timing because it blocked the good content many people were waiting for that is already established and almost guaranteed not to be shitty. Instead Nexon decided this would be the great time to release a class and given the timing of Dragon Warrior, the excitement and possible theories revolving this class are going to be very negative.
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  7. Default Re: Jett information thread

    For all we know, thief/pirate revamps will come with Jett.
    If not, then just lol.

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    Default Re: Jett information thread

    "Bring Justice to the Renegades!"

    Seems like something Nexon would do.

  9. Default Re: Jett information thread

    How do you know that it blocked content? Do you specifically know that Justice was originally planned to be June, but was pushed back to July because of Jett alone?

    We don't know that they specifically planned to release it beforehand and just suddenly created Jett which required another month of work. Just because everyone you've talked to has negative opinions about Jett, does not mean that it is automatically shit. Im not saying that I really care if Jett is good or not, I want the Justice update just as bad as anyone else. But I do not believe that Nexon would purposly delay popular content just because they feel like it. I'd rather them spend more time ironing out the bugs and building up hype for new content then releasing a glitchy class/patch and having it stripped away for vast hours at a time through unscheduled server maintainences.

  10. Default Re: Jett information thread

    >implying they have USCs to fix class-related bugs.
    Dark meta says hi.
    Unless creating the job either
    1. Causes server crashes
    2. Makes you stuck,
    They wont have USCs.

  11. Default Re: Jett information thread

    Because if Jett wouldn't of been there the next logical step that was hinted in the Dev Blog itself was to release Justice.

    I didn't say it was "purposely blocking it", I'm saying the existence of it just so happened to push popular content back and as a result people are unhappy.

  12. Default Re: Jett information thread

    YES! Let's heavily hate on a class we know next to nothing about yes...Screw Basil...This's the Perry Effect!

  13. Default Re: Jett information thread

    But the fact of the matter is, We dont know that Jett moved Justice back to July. If Jett had never existed and they still released the Justice patch in July, people would still be very unhappy. Honestly I could see nexon of making some big deal of the "Return to Old Maple Event" and dragging out the entirety of June. I dont think that Jett specifically had something to do with the delayed content, But it does make a rather good scapegoat for people to hate on.

  14. Default Re: Jett information thread

    That's nice Coogi. You're a great person, you know that?

    Yes, that's the thing. Jett himself is not getting any love or attention because it is a scapegoat that is seen as a "content pusher". This is why no one will enjoy it and why it has a backlash, because like I said before its timing is bad.

  15. Default Re: Jett information thread

    He's not hating on Jett, just saying that he'd rather have justice sooner than have Jett.
    As would many people.

    Personally, this works better for me, as I'll be going to europe for most of July, and if phantom comes out at the end of July, i might make the top 10 or 20 or whatever it is.

  16. Default Re: Jett information thread

    You betcha!

  17. Default Re: Jett information thread

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    Default Re: Jett information thread

    And yet GMS was doing so well...and now they're gonna loose it all after one patch. They were buttering us up for this.



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