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  1. Default MapleStory has stopped working..

    Since V1.09 (I think) I have had this error quite frequently on both my laptop and PC so I doubt that is the reason. Now It's beginning to get annoying.

    I don't have a screenshot but I could provide one next time it happens but it's the general "X has stopped working" error message. I am using W7 on both laptop and PC. PC is 32bit with 3gb ram and laptop is 64bit with 4gb ram. This happens regardless of Memory/CPU usage as it happens during almost any situation including AFKing. It just seems very random.

    Is anyone getting this issue / does anyone have any idea how to resolve it?

  2. Default Re: MapleStory has stopped working..

    I get this frequently as well. I even check to see if its BlackCipher causing memory bleeding but its not, It just up and stops working. Sometimes I dont even get the "Maplestory has stopped working", it will just close of it's own volition.

  3. Default Re: MapleStory has stopped working..

    Yea, I forgot to mention this. This is often what happens when i AFK. The game will just shut down without even a disconnection message.



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