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    I got this earlier this month and have been playing it off and on. It's kind of fun but the time limit really pissed me off. I know that @Derosis also bought it recently. Wondering if anyone else has it or has played it?

    I'm having a lot of trouble and it's beginning to make me wonder if I'm missing some fundamental piece of the game. I replace old characters with newer, stronger ones (my party is almost always Melvia and Sterk from the second either is available) because no other characters compare... which seems kind of ridiculous for a game that is so intent on character interaction. And I see that sometimes there are items with attack+5 stats or whatever but I don't understand why they would have that. By the time I get my cobalt license, I can't beat anything in those areas.

    I've played through it once and got the bad ending because I still needed like 500 points for my final license. Now I'm on my second playthrough, getting whooped by the Flauschtrout with a year and a half left but it still looks grim for the final license. What the hell could I possibly be missing?

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    There are tons of endings. The True Ending (Flauschtrout), requires several New Game +'s to beat. I went through the game three times on good ends to beat Flauschtrout. He's just that hard. And also knowing how to categorize your dates and to have an active calendar and knowing the shortest routes helps you in this game.

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    How does beating it repeatedly help? All that carried over was my equipment and that's... well that's pretty much nothing.

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    I think New Game+ also carries over your Cole too, which may or may not make a difference depending on how much you have by the end of the game. There are a few items that you you should probably craft as soon as you get the chance to because they are really useful in helping you manage your time. The Speed Gloves reduce the time it takes you to harvest items from 50% of the day to 30%, and they are available to craft once you get a Gold Rank License. Then there are the Traveler's Shoes that reduce the time that you use traveling by foot on the world map by 30%, and I think the materials you need to craft them are available once you get a Platinum Rank license. Lastly there's there Traveler's Gate which allows you to warp to either Atelier immediately as long as you aren't in a town, which saves a lot of time traveling just to get to your Atelier. I don't remember exactly when you can craft the gate though. As for Flauchtraut, I think the recommended level to beat it was around level 35 for your party members. If you're looking for a boost in EXP, you should synthesize a Gibate Ankh with the "Great Learner" trait, which increases the EXP you get from battles. I would also probably take Mimi along to the Flauschtraut boss fight because I think you'll miss something if you don't.

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    Mimi is super weak though :(

    And it's definitely not level 35. I'm level 40 and got raped by it.

    As for the rest, I knew all of that. Unfortunately I only learned about the usefulness of the Traveler's Gate tonight. Also, I had the ability to access my container in dungeons because of an item I crafted in my first game but I didn't get the recipe for it this time for some reason. Anyone know where that is?

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    I heard having the Dragon Repel trait on your equipment helps a lot against Flauschtraut, especially if it's Sterk's equipment.

    I think the recipe you're looking for is the Super Tool Guide. For that you need to get Rorona's Pie Notes, and then synthesize a pie in Totori's Atelier to get the Fish Pie Recipe. 30 days after that, if you have alchemy level 10 go to Rorona's Atelier to get the Rorona's Fish Memo. Finally 30 days after you get the Rorona's Fish Memo and have level 20+ alchemy go back to Rorona's Atelier again and you should get the Super Tool Guide which has the recipe for the item you're looking for.

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    Totori is the one i don't have :(

    I got Rorona, and ive preordered Meruru. I'm hoping to get into Meruru a lot better than i did Rorona. To me it feels like they had a really small budget for Rorona. Either that or they were just being lazy lol.

    That and i couldn't get my head round all the stats and numbers involved in making stuff.

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    oops disregard this double post :o

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    I've heard the one after Meruru removes the time limit. I beat Rorona and Totori, but I don't think I'm going to get Meruru, I really dislike the time limit as well. Atelier Ayesha is the name of the next one, I believe.

    This pleases me greatly, especially since Inoue Marina is the MC's voice actor.

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    Yeah, I'm excited about Ayesha as well because I love the alchemy and license systems but I feel like this trilogy got it all wrong.

    Also the opening for Ayesha is pineappleing beautiful (the music)

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    That Gibate Ankh is helping A LOT. Thank you, @Hakurei.

    Also, in making it, I learned more about Alchemy which is nice. I didn't really notice the "requirement" bars for special traits before.
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    How are you enjoying Totori, Sarah? I've been debating to myself whether or not I should start playing the Atelier series or not- and if I do, I'll probably have to start with Rorona.

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    If you love kookie anime archetypes then this is the game for you. Otherwise it's pretty bland. The story begins and ends with "I'm going to become and adventurer and find my mom!" and... that is what you spend the duration of the game doing. But it's not like your adventuring takes you through a series of unusual events to finally find your mom. Instead you have to travel around a lot collecting materials for the (pretty cool) alchemy system and fight a lot of monsters to gather points so your stupid adventurers license doesn't expire. In that time all that happens is character interaction in the form of unskippable cinematics that are actually just two character portraits and text. And there are a LOT of them.

    The battle system is mind-numbingly boring and instead of using characters you like you are pretty much forced to use Sterk and Melvia because they are the strongest and once you get to a certain point you can't really progress without them. Or at least that's the problem I've been having, but I may be doing it wrong.

    I like the baseness of the game but the time limit really takes away from the fun of just being able to explore, gather and create via alchemy. Good concept, poor execution.

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    I compare the trilogy with Ayesha as I do HDN1 to HDNmk2; HDN1 had good voice acting and a semi-decent story but absolutely terrible gameplay, almost the worst gameplay of any game I've ever played, whereas HDN2 improved all of the "good" aspects further and gave it very good gameplay to boot, enough so that I am now looking forward to HDN:V because I have to assume they will follow the archetype of mk2 with some more improvements.

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    THIS LOOKS BETTER IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! Look how fast and smooth the gameplay is. And how beautiful and vibrant the maps and monsters are. HNNNNGGGHHHH.


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    Seems like it has free roam in battle? I don't see how they would use the back attack system without that.

    That's nice too, I'm pretty tired of jRPGs that have static battle modes.

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    The thing that excites me most about that video is the gathering. Not having to check off every god damn item you find is awesome.

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    That looks pretty nice :o

    Guessing we might see it this time next year? Or did it take longer than that for Meruru to localize..

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    Meruru has been an insanely fast localization by "games that barely make it to the west" standards. Totori just came out in October and we're already getting Meruru like 7 months later. Totori took over a year to get here I believe (June 24 2010 -> September 27th 2011 (yes I said October before; might as well be.) Meruru came out June 23, 2011 in Japan. So we've got 11 months less a day localization. Assuming NIS doesn't pineapple around with Ayesha, I believe it's likely that we'll get it in about a year... maybe less. Unfortunately, this trilogy hasn't done very well so that might make NIS take a bit longer.

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    Bought Meruru today for something to play post-surgery. Voice acting is infinitely inferior to Totori. UI is pretty nice though.



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