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Thread: [Khaini] B> Flame Wheel 10

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    My Evan just feels so incomplete without it. I haven't done the prequests on my Evan, so going on a run isn't exactly an option. I'd be willing to gift you a Karma or pay 100-150m for the skill book. I'd probably be more convenient for you to PM me here or attempt to look for me in game (my play-time fluctuates greatly).

    IGN: Sagrad
    Server: Khaini (herp)

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    I can probably help you out. I'd just let you gift me scissors, I need no payment for it. Will have to go poke Zakum for it first though.

  3. Donator Male
    IGN: LnFearNFaith
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 20x
    Job: Loladin/LolDrK
    Guild: Irresistible
    Farm: Amerish

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    I could always just take you on a Zak run if you decide to do the quests to get it for you. My ign is AbrasiveSoul.

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    Thank you both! I'll save your names and add you later.

    @CarrionCrow: Lemme know if/when you get one. I'll gift you the Scissors then.

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    @Jamesie; I now have all four evan skillbooks. Whisper CorvusCorone when you are online or PM here.



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