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    Totally pre-ordered it. It's out tomorrow right? Getting it then.

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    Will have to wait for the EU version. Importing it would screw me out of the DLC.

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    I was thinking of making a general discussion thread since I know basically everything about the game and could add more content than a pomegranatety wonka meme as the OP, but okay.

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    Thinking and doing are too different things. I saw on /v/ today they were b'itching about the goddamn boxart. Giving this thread a discussion and a meaning. But whatever. Apparently Mad Hatter Wonka isn't good enough for you.

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    OMG !!! I so pre-ordered it..hopefully ( like said in other comments on other forums) if enough people buy it, we will see more tales games come to USA. Tales of Symphonia was so goodt. Loved the multi player all the characters, storyline etc...Dawn of a New World was ok but I missed playing my favorite characters all the time.(instead of the guest appearances) However the storyline was still good and at least we did get to play as some of the original crew.

    I havent played a tales game in a while so this will be very interesting. cant WAIT

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    Just went out today and pre-ordered it. I just wanted the pre-order bonus code. Luckily I had a $20 gift card, so I'm not hurt by the $60 price tag as much. : <

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    Pre-ordered a while ago and paid in full last week.

    I actually just watched my first video of it which seems... weird, because usually I'm thoroughly investigative. It looks great for a Wii port but....



    Playing this god damn game on mute.

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    If it's like Tales of the Abyss, then I'll just be playing it with JP voices. vOv

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    Pre-ordered last week. Totally hyped for it. I can only hope my sisters don't lose interest in the game as they did for ToA and more recent multiplayer games.

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    What? It's a single player game... why do you need your sisters?

    Also how much time to you spend with your freaking sisters, it seems unnatural at this point.

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    You can still play multiplayer in-battle, I guess.

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    but its more fun in multi player if you have brothers / sisters interested in it as well.. Oh well

    Genis will forever be my fav character.

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    Regal number one character actually. :3
    What's the pre-order bonus on Graces anyway?

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    If anyone needs information about in-game details, you can find almost all of it here, since I doubt there will be many good guides around, and definitely nothing as easy to look at as these tables. Character pages will likely contain spoilers, but Artes, Aliases, Equipment, etc. wouldn't. I've been in the process of updating it recently since a lot of the Aliases are still in Wii data and it needs to have both Wii and PS3 information on each page, and much of it is untranslated because I can't work that hard. So for the completionist like Sarah, this would be pretty useful I would imagine, to help get everything.

    We'll (mostly I) will be in the process of adding all the English details, but since I likely won't own the game myself, I'll need to wait for sources to come in first.

    Some tips for the completionist, I'll be using what they were called in the Japanese game since I don't know their localisations yet:

    When you're walking around outside of town, you'll see Treasure Spots that sparkle on the ground. You loot those for random stuff. Almost every road has the chance to have a character card, and the chance to get them is random, so you can loot all the sparklies and not get it, or you could get it on the first one. If you go into a town/new road and go back, they'll respawn. Getting enough cards unlocks some prizes later on, and enables a mini-game that gets you Tales of Vesperia costume Aliases. It also contributes to 100% Collectors Book =D

    At every town at the Inn, there are Requests that you can do to get Skill Points. They're basically fetch quests, and some are actual sub-events that reward you with equipment, Aliases, and further progress other stuff. If you ever manage to complete every request in the game, you get a boss fight and a Rifle Staff for Pascal.

    There are things called Discovery Points everywhere around the world. Inspecting them will add it to your book, and enable a Groovy Chat/Skit if you did it on time. A lot of these Discovery Points can be harvested over and over again for items. For example, in Lhant, the first Discovery Point you find is an Apple Tree, and if you exit and re-enter town, you can inspect it for an Apple each time. This can be important later on to get some rare materials. Discovery Points are usually very obvious. Anything that looks out of place or just super special should be attempted to be inspected. These Skits are missable, and Sophie requires 95% of the Skits to get a very rare (and rather useless in my opinion, outside of completionist) Alias. The preceding one is useful though.

    Don't be afraid to fuse Pieces on your equipment for stat boosts, since they will drop more often the fewer you have in your inventory... or so I've been told. With Pieces and enough money, you can make the Long Sword (1st weapon you get) as strong as the Extinction (final sword). This is pretty cool because any weapon can be viable in that sense, although it can get pretty expensive. You're not stuck using a sword that you don't like aesthetically. The Future Arc weapons for example look pretty sweet, but are generally inferior in stats compared to the Bonus Dungeon weapons.

    At the same time as above, there's a rather overwhelmingly complicated method in getting the best effect out of your Pieces that I'll try to get a Wiki Page up on later tonight.

    The multiplayer in this game is, in my opinion, the best out of any Tales game thus far, but is still lacking in a few senses. Of all the Tales games I've played, there is always a character that just plain sucked being used manually. Graces suffers less from this, and all characters possess to many degrees abilities that can only be used by a human controlled player. For example, you'll eventually unlock a Skill called Red Charge (or whatever they'll name it in the English version) where if you delay casting a spell for 1 second, you gain two more damage types. Spells require a certain amount of time to cast, but if you use some Artes Style before hand and chain it to a spell, the cast time is significantly reduced. And then there's a few more things that can't be used by AI controlled characters (effectively) that a human player can use, allowing you to play more than just Asbel the whole game.

    The only issue I see with multiplayer is I hit the Target button a lot, since it checks exact HP, weaknesses, and it pauses at the same time, but the HP of an enemy is shown on your target indicator anyways.

    Regal sucks.

    Pre-order bonus is two? XMG Wallpapers, one of the male characters, and one of the female characters, and an Alias for Asbel that has a costume for Leon from Tales of Destiny or Kyle from Tales of Destiny II? Can't recall exactly.

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    Woah, is this finally coming to the U.S.? I've been waiting years.
    Ack...just realized my PS3 is broken. Dangit.

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    Something tells me I'm going to be a DLC whore with this and get all of the DLC costumes :I



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