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  1. Cash0 [kMS] HackShield Error (0x00010303)

    Ok, so ever since Thursday, I haven't been able to log in. I start up MapleStory, AhnLab loads, maplestory loads, the nexon/wizet screen pops up, I click on it and then it goes unresponsive, I sometimes can see the password/ID screen, but usually it just plays the music and it's white. It then exits and gives me this.

    I haven't installed anything on that day or the day before it.. I've tried clean boots, killing processes, I have no idea. Google solutions have not helped either.

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    Default Re: [kMS] HackShield Error (0x00010303)

    Did this not help?

  3. Default Re: [kMS] HackShield Error (0x00010303)

    Unfortunately, that did not work.

  4. Default Re: [kMS] HackShield Error (0x00010303)

    I think you would get more assistance on a KMS orientated website. Most of us chickens here are GMS/Have Quit

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    Some people on this forum are from kMS. I thought it'd be obvious I'd post on a KMS oriented forum, but no reply the forum.



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