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    Hey guys, I've probably mentioned this before but I'm a Visual Merchandiser student, where basically set up windows, I thought I'd be able to show you some works I've done and the process!

    concept 1

    concept 2

    finished product!

    things used

    -10 metres of fabric for drapery!
    -cling rose/petal design made by me on adobe illustrator (ugh... vectors </3)
    -chandelier from prop room
    -burned candles
    -Chloe: Rose Edition eau de parfum
    -Chloe vinyl

    it took about 1 hour JUST to get the dam thing suspended, and 1 hour just to put on the rose graphic, centered and clean ;_;

    more than anything, producing a window display is all about maintenance and keeping it super professional and stable, and being a magician and trying to camouflage the bits, like the wire

    there is about 8 strings of fishing wire, that you most likely can't see in these blackberry photos, but having to disguise those is also a pain D:...

    well... glad that's done! I have another two windows planned i'll prob post those when i'm done!


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    I'd totally buy something like that if i had enough money, man. You're goddamn awesome. :>
    Also, you just stepped on my weak points. I absolutely love roses and chandelliers <3.

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    haha glad to know! :D thanks aslemn :)

    your compliments means a lot thanks! :D that's our job! to make things pretty so they will sell! haha

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    magnifica hermosura... :)



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