Hi, i'm not really playing my corsair anymore so I decided selling my gun and helm.
I cant scissor the helm due me being banned for fraude. (Unfairly).
I'm either selling them for meso or items. (Like a 12% str czak). 1 Handed GM BW scrolls work too.
Or most other %Str items really. Anyway, if you are interested let me know.

Lv: 100.
127 Att.
1 Enhancement.
2 Hammers.
30% Boss damage.
6% Total Damage.
3% All stat.
0 Slots.

Chaos zak:
15 str
25 dex

(Cant check those stats right now)
6% Dex
6% Dex
6% Defense (Not sure about this one)

Also you have to scissor.