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  1. Default 1+1 Event not active on Demon Slayer?!?

    I just realized, it's not there on my Demon Slayer, while I had it on my Canonneer and Mercedes...

    How is that possible?!?

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    I had the 1+1 event on mines.

    Did you delete your DS and remade it by any chance?

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    Yes, but that can't be the cause, because I have all the other legend events which should have been disabled then too... o.0

    Ah well, w/e I'm not really going to create another adventurer class anyway, they're way to boring compared to the newer classes... ;)

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    Except that is the cause; your conclusion is false because your premise is false. The 1+1 Event is the only that ells you "you can only do this on the first legend character of so-and-so job on this account" or something to that extent. None of the other events have conditions like that.

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    Yep, exactly what the person above said. It explicitly tells you with a pop-up window upon logging into your legend characters for the first time that those are the only ones that will work.

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    if you delete and remake your legend
    you cannot restart the 1+1 event on a legend of the same class.

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    So actually because of Nexon's fck up with DS cinematic where they told to delete and recreate, they fcked up my DS event...

    Nice Nexon... :')

    But ah well, you can only create crappy classes with them, so there's no harm done here... ;)

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    DS is still worth leveling to 70 for the link skill though. a 10% increase in damage versus bosses for free is totes worth it, and their 10-70 breezes by even on 1x.

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    In my case, the cinematic mess also screwed up my DS from getting the 1+1 event too. And I didn't remake or anything.

    Eh, it would have been nice to get the EXP pots, but I can live without them. You really shouldn't have any difficulty leveling DSes anyway lol.

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    That doesn't explain why people didn't get the 1+1 event on their FIRST and ONLY Demon Slayer.

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    which is weird, because i DID get it on mine. even after cutscene glitch

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    I got mine, too. Cutscene glitch and all.

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    It happened to my Demon Slayer too T_T... that Nexon... my 1st DS got glitched and didn't got the 1+1 event...

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    Ok, I got to lvl80 within 2 days, without any lvlup 1+1 potions! :)

    Nexon could have saved me 2 hours of useless grinding though, but ok, It was a good practice for my DS skills... ;)

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    You don't get to have nice things.



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