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    Hi guys,

    I was hunting on my 15x Bishop for an Angelic Blessing before I realized that I couldn't get it due to the level difference between me and MDT. Are there any other places I can go to get one? Thanks! (Preferably high level places obviously)

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    MDT's are the highest level mobs that drop them. Zak drops them very rarely.

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    Zakum. The rate is really low though. Best thing you can do is to hunt the recipe on a mule.

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    Guess I'll just have to get my Demon Slayer to 115/116 and go grind for a few hours... I got all the stuff to make it too... ah well. 4 more days :)

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    Sorry to hijack the thread:

    How many levels above a monster would you have to be for it to not drop any equip/recipe/scrolls?

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    15 I think it is.



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